Business Directory Listing terms of use

The Bookabach Property Manager Directory (“The Directory”) is used to put property owners in touch with a local property manager that uses Bookabach.  The following terms and conditions dictate the Terms and Conditions for inclusion in the The Directory:

1. Eligibility:  To be included in the Property Manager you should be managing five or more properties and have the intention of growing your property management portfolio.  Also:
- You must be local to the properties you manage (not a listing service or booking agent) 
- You must provide a minimum level of on-the-ground Property Management services. These services can be provided directly or by using sub-contractors provided that all guest and owner contact and invoicing is performed via the your businesses.
- You should have 80% or more of your portfolio actively listed on Bookabach, or the clear intention to do so.
- You should have five or positive transactions (feedback) whilst acting as a Property Manager on Bookabach over the past 12-months.
- You agree to make best efforts in keeping up-to-date availability information on Bookabach.
- You must conform to the owner/manager website terms of use, and any specific terms of use applicable on the Bookabach products you are using.

Not withstanding, we reserve the right to include or exclude Property Managers from The Directory as we see fit.

2. Charges: There is no cost for inclusion in The Directory provided you meet the eligibility guidelines and have been accepted by us for inclusion.

3. No endorsement implied:  We will promote The Directory to property owners searching for a Property Manager.  Inclusion in The Directory is not a specific endorsement of your business. Inclusion does not imply any rights to use of the Bookabach name or brand in any promotional materials. You agree not to misrepresent your Directory listing as an endorsement by Bookabach.  Note that YOU CAN promote your Bookabach member feedback as an endorsement.

4. Right of refusal and removal: We reserve the right to refuse to list a business, or remove a business from The Directory for whatever reason.

5. No re-assignment: Listings are non-transferable, company to company or individual to individual.

We reserves the right to change The Directory product over time and will provide advanced notice of any major changes.