Performance Plan terms of use

By choosing to use the Performance Plan product you agree to abide by the specific terms governing the use of this plan, namely:


‘Success Fee’ - refers to the nightly commission you have nominated to pay on any bookings that result in stays. A minimum or ‘Base level’ success fee applies by default.  You can elevate this success fee to bid for position on the search results pages of the Bookabach website.

‘Conversion’ - is defined as the number of nights stayed over the cumulative nights provided.  It is expressed as a percentage.  For example if 100 nights were provided, and 50 nights converted to stays, then your Conversion of Bookabach bookings would be 50%.

‘Minimum Conversion Threshold’ - is defined as 10% of booking nights provided by Bookabach over the past 6-months period.


1.1. On-going failure to meet the Minimum Conversion Threshold may result in you being ineligible to use the Performance Plan product. 


2.1. You MUST keep calendar up to date:  We rely on bookings being confirmed in order to bill success fees under this plan. You agree to keep your calendar up to date so that it reflects the true state of all bookings.  We reserve the right to cross check with our members or otherwise investigate where we feel a calendar is not being kept up to date to avoid payment of success fees. 

2.2. Our right to modify: We rely on bookings being confirmed in order to bill success fees under this plan.  We reserve the right to modify bookings that we know proceeded.  This includes, but is not limited to, converting questions to bookings, modifying booking dates and confirming bookings that proceeded.


3.1. Payment of success fees: You agree to pay a per night success fee on all confirmed rental bookings obtained via our website or partner websites (affiliates or other) that result in a stay at your property.  This excludes any rental bookings you manually add to your calendar - external or manually added rental bookings obtained from another source other than Bookabach.

3.2. Success fee calculation:  The amount charged will be based on the success fee nominated at the time the booking, or question converted to booking, was lodged.  The total amount billed is calculated from the per night success fee multiplied by the number of nights the guest stayed, capped to a maximum number of nights for a long-term bookings (see below), and less any applicable discounts or rebates, e.g. multi-listing discount. 

3.3. Multi-night stay discounts: If you choose to provide a multi-night stay discount as an incentive for booking please be aware that we still charge a success-fee for the night you effectively provide at no cost.

3.4. When charged:  Success fees will be charged to your Bookabach account the day after the final night’s stay with the exception of long-term bookings (see below)

3.5. Long-term bookings:  Bookabach charges a maximum of 21-nights success fee on any one booking. On these longer-term rentals the success fee is billed after the 21st night of stay.

3.6. Nominating a new success fee:  You can nominate a new success fee at any time.  The new success fee applies to any bookings, or questions converted to bookings, lodged from that point onwards. Any bookings, or questions converted to bookings, lodged prior to your success fee change will be billed at the success fee(s) nominated at the time these bookings where lodged.

3.7. Automatic reductions of success fee:  We reserve the right to reduce your success fee to the base level if you do not meet the Minimum Conversion Threshold and we have provided at least 20 nights of booking enquiries in the past full 6-month period.


4.1. Last minute cancellations:  If a guest cancels at the last minute, or if a guest arrives later or departs earlier you have up to the currently scheduled departure date to modify the booking before success fees are calculated and billed.  Failure to make this change will require you to make a request to our support desk to manually adjust the billed amount (see success fee change and/or reversal) and will incur an administration fee (see below).

4.2. Success-fee changes and reversals: We will refund success fees if a stay did not go ahead or was not completed provided the member adheres to our refund process.  This request must be made via email to our support desk. We will only offer refunds in the form of a credit to the member’s account. Cash refunds will not be issued. A $15 administrative fee applies to any refunds issued.


5.1. Changing to another plan:  You can change from Performance Plan to some other plan at any time.  If you decide to change plan any credit in your account acts as a credit towards any other plan charges. 

5.2. Success Fees on bookings already received: When you change plan you are still obligated to pay the success fees associated with any bookings, or questions converted to bookings, lodged while you where on Performance Plan and up to the time you changed plan (since you had the benefit of this plan at the time the bookings/questions where lodged).


6.1. No limitation on moving bookings: If you operate more than one property/listing you are able to freely move bookings from one property to another providing that that property is also listed.

6.2. Success fee obligation remains:  If a booking is moved from a Performance Plan property to a Subscription Plan property you are still obligated to pay the success fee nominated on the booking at the success fee nominated for the property the booking, or question converted to a booking, was received on (since this property had the marketing benefit of being on Performance Plan).  Conversely, if you move a booking from a Subscription Plan property to a Performance Plan property there will be no success fee associated with this booking.