Subscription Plan terms of use

By choosing to use the Subscription Plan on Bookabach you agree to abide by the specific terms governing the use of this plan, namely:


1.1. Keeping calendar up to date:  You SHOULD keep your calendar up to date so that it reflects the true state of all bookings.  If we feel a calendar is not being kept up to date we reserve the right to discontinue display of availability information on your listing and exclude your property from availability-based searches. 

1.2. Our right to modify: We reserve the right to modify bookings that we know proceeded.  This includes, but is not limited to, converting questions to bookings, modifying booking dates and confirming bookings that proceeded.


2.1. Non-refundable 12-month subscription: The subscription charge is an up-front non-refundable charge that provides you with a listing on the site for a period of 12-months from purchase.  No refunds or part refunds will be provided except as outlined in these terms.

2.2. Money-back guarantee: Notwithstanding, we provide a 7-day money back guarantee.  If you decide that the product is not suited to your needs you have 7-days from registering your FIRST property under subscription plan to apply for a refund in full.

2.3. No credit for time offine:  You can take your listing offline at any time.  However, please note that no subscription credit is applied for time where your listing is offline.


3.1. Changing to another plan:  You can change from Subscription Plan to some other plan at any time.  If you decide to change to Performance Plan the remaining value of your subscription (calculated per day) will be applied as a credit on your account that can be used for payment of future Performance Plan success fees. 


4.1. No limitation on moving bookings: If you operate more than one property/listing you are able to freely move bookings from one property to another provided the property you are moving the booking to has an active listing on the website.

4.2. Success fee obligation remains:  If a booking is moved from a Performance Plan property to a Subscription Plan property you are still obligated to pay the success fee nominated on the booking at the success fee nominated for the property the booking, or question converted to a booking, was received on (since this property had the marketing benefit of being on Performance Plan).  Conversely, if you move a booking from a Subscription Plan property to a Performance Plan property there will be no success fee associated with this booking.