Showcase Terms of Use

By purchasing a Showcase subscription you agree to the following terms of use:

1) The Showcase product is intended to increase the exposure your property receives on Bookabach.  No guarantee is given that this will result in increased bookings - and no performance guarantees are warranted or implied.

2) To qualify for a Showcase subscription you must have an active (published) Subscription Plan or Performance Plan listing, at least three (3) images in your photo gallery.  All images in your gallery must be at XL resolution or better. 

3) The Showcase is an add on to an existing listing plan. It is only displayed when your main property listing is active (published).  If you accidentally or intentionally disable display of your listing, or if your property listing subscription runs out, your associated Super Gallery is also removed from the website.  No refunds are provided in this case.

4) A Showcase subscription is non-refundable. A subscription can be transferred from one property to another.  Our standard admin fee applies for this manual process.