Bulk Subscription Plan Terms of Use

By choosing to list on the Bulk Subscription Plan on Bookabach you agree to abide by the specific terms governing the use of this plan, namely:


“Published” – means appearing live on the Bookabach website.

“Active Listings” – means the number of listings published

“Current Listing Allocation” – means the number of Active Listings you can have at any time.

“Agreed Minimum Listing Allocation” – means the minimum Listing Allocation you agree to maintain under your Bulk Subscription Agreement.


2.1. Under the Bulk Subscription Plan product you can publish any number of listings on Bookabach up to your Current Listing Allocation and for a monthly fee (see below).

2.2. The Current Listing Allocation will be initially set to the Agreed Minimum Listing Allocation defined by your agreement. 

2.3. You may request that your Current Listing Allocation be changed at any time but it may not be reduced below the Minimum Agreed Listing Allocation under the agreement.


3.1. An invoice will be raised at the start of each new month for the Current Listing Allocation assigned to you at that time plus an adjustment (debit or credit) for any Listing Allocation changes that took place in the previous month calculated pro-rata. 

3.2. Remittance is due on the 20th of the month of date of invoice.


4.1. Keeping calendar up to date:  You SHOULD keep your calendar up to date so that it reflects the true state of all bookings.  If we feel a calendar is not being kept up to date we reserve the right to exclude your property from availability-based searches. 


5.1. No limitation on moving bookings: You are permitted to move enquiries and booking freely from one property to another or from properties listed on Bookabach to properties that are not listed.

5.2. Success fee obligation remains:  If a booking is moved from a property listed on Performance Plan to a property listed on the Bulk Subscription Plan property you are still obligated to pay the success fee nominated on the booking and at the success fee nominated for the property the booking, or question converted to a booking, was received on.  Conversely, if you move a booking from a Bulk Subscription Plan property to a Performance Plan property there will be no success fee associated with this booking.