Annual Subscription terms of use

By choosing to use the Annual Subscription plan on Bookabach you agree to abide by the specific terms governing the use of this plan, namely:


1.1. Keeping calendar up to date:  You SHOULD keep your calendar up to date so that it reflects the true state of all bookings.  If we feel a calendar is not being kept up to date we reserve the right to discontinue display of availability information on your listing and exclude your property from availability-based searches. 

1.2. Our right to modify: We reserve the right to modify bookings that we know proceeded.  This includes, but is not limited to, converting questions to bookings, modifying booking dates and confirming bookings that proceeded.


2.1. Non-refundable 12-month subscription: The Annual Subscription charge is an up-front, non-refundable charge that provides you with a listing on the site for a period of 12-months from date of activation.  No refunds or part refunds will be provided except as outlined in these terms.

2.2. Money-back guarantee: Notwithstanding, we provide a 7-day money back guarantee.  If you decide that the product is not suited to your needs for any reason you have 7-days from purchasing the Annual Subscription to apply for a full refund.

2.3. No credit for time your listing is offline:  You can take your listing offline at any time.  We may also take your listing offline if you have outstanding debt, or if Customer Service feels the need to remove your listing from publication for any reasons.  No credit or time extension is provided for periods your listing is offline.


3.1. Changing plans:  You can change from the Annual Subscription plan to the Pay per Booking plan at any time.  If you do this your Annual Subscription is cancelled, including any remaining Showcase (featured) listing time.  NO REFUND IS PROVIDED for the remaining time/value of the subscription.  You will still receive the score/ranking benefit associated with the Spend Points from the Annual Subscription purchased.

3.2. Upgrading tiers:  You can upgrade your current Annual Subscription tier to a higher tier, e.g. Silver to Platinum, at any time.  The remaining value of your subscription (pro-rata calculated) will be applied as a credit when you purchase a new 12-month Annual Subscription.


If you manage multiple properties you are able to freely move a booking from one property to another providing that that property is also listed on Bookabach. 

7.1. If you move a booking from a Pay per Booking property to an Annual Subscription property: The obligation to pay commission on the booking remains as the enquiry was received on the Pay per Booking listed property.  The commission will be based on the Gross Transactional Value of the booking.

7.2 If you move a booking from an Annual Subscription property to a Pay per Booking property:  You are not required to pay commission on this booking since the enquiry was received on the Annual Subscription listed property.