AA Smartfuel discounts

What is AA Smartfuel?

You are no doubt familiar with the fuel savings dockets you receive from most supermarkets. AA SmartFuel is an electronic scheme for fuel discounting. Fuel savings accumulate, so for example you might get 10c/litre from one retailer and another 5c/Litre from a different retailer for a total of 15c/Litre on your next fuel purchase (of up to 50 litres). Do enough shopping and you could get a free tank!

For more information on AA Smartfuel and how it works visit the AA Smartfuel website.

What fuel discounts we offer

Receive a 10c/litre off your next purchase of up to 50 litres of fuel (GST inclusive) when you book and stay at one of our Top Performing properties for TWO nights or longer. 

Our Top Performing properties are clearly marked.  Just look for the AA Smartfuel logo on the listing.

More info

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