Book with Confidence

The Book with Confidence Guarantee™

HA Shield

When you book and pay through Bookabach you get these benefits[1]:

Comprehensive payment protection

Protects 100% of your payment against fraud, phishing, wrongful denial of entry or uninhabitable property upon arrival.

Material misrepresentation

Protects you against material misrepresentation and defective amenities.

Stranded traveller assistance

24/7 Stranded Traveller Hotline and emergency re-booking assistance.

Only bookings booked and paid for through Bookabach, using online payments (credit card) or Bookabach Gift Voucher payments, are covered by the Book with Confidence Guarantee[2].

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Book with Confidence Guarantee Terms and Conditions

[1] Refer to the guarantee terms and conditions for details of cover.
[2] All other enquiries made through the website our covered by our Basic Rental Guarantee fraud protection.