Lovers, friends and families—Fiji villas for all travellers

With exotic aquatic life and crystal-clear water, Fiji is a beloved holiday destination. You could sip a tropical drink from a coconut shell as you relax on the beach or tour one of the many islands. Many travellers choose a villa in an idyllic location like Fiji because with a villa you get luxurious amenities to help you feel as at ease and at home as possible. Whether you plan to visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant or snorkel to one of the reefs, a villa is a great choice for your stay. You can let a private villa with beach access and a private pool create new holiday memories.

Fiji beach house accommodation

If you are looking for great beach accommodation along the Coral Coast, a villa would be an excellent choice. One popular villa is only a few steps from the crystal-clear ocean waters, and you get the luxury of an all-inclusive stay with a private hot tub and fully stocked kitchen. Some beach villas maintain the charm of the traditional Fiji decor but with comfortable and modernized furniture. Others can accommodate up to 20 guests where you can rent out the entire compound with small, private villas that are all located right on the beach.

Fiji villas with private pools

You can find an incredible Fiji villa with a private pool on Taveuni Island or another of the main islands. Many of the quaint villas have traditional Pacific islander decor with wood and thatched roof-covered seating areas and rich tropical foliage. One serene villa has a large outdoor deck area with a private pool and beachfront access along with fully stocked dining and entertainment areas. Others are perfect for a romantic retreat with a private pool and hot tub as well as romantic dining areas. On the south side of Fiji Island, you may enjoy a 3-bedroom villa that has rooms decorated with shells and sea life along with wood-panelled walls that help create the beautiful ambience of a tropical hut.

Private villas in Fiji

When you choose an exotic holiday in Fiji, you have the perfect chance to unwind and get away from everyday distractions with a private villa. Many private villas are great for a tropical escape, and you are sure to find one that suits you. One of the most private properties on the small island of Taveuni has wood floors throughout the entire villa for a very cosy feel and a large back-deck seating area with cushioned couches for taking in a majestic sunset. You might want a private villa that is close to the beach and local town facilities, in which case a compound with a privacy wall might be best. Otherwise, you could find a secluded villa surrounded by nature with palm trees and tropical overgrowth to enjoy your privacy among the vibrant botanical gardens.

Luxury villas across Fiji

Fiji is pure paradise, and there’s no better way to fully experience this tropical haven than a luxury villa. An ultramodern villa with a private infinity pool is appropriately styled and decorated after its Fiji roots, and it’s where you can experience breathtaking views of the ocean and tropical countryside along with amenities such as a large kitchen with countertop bar and spacious bedrooms. In a luxurious villa you can experience swimming in your private infinity pool and looking out above the palm tree tops to the vast ocean while you enjoy the gentle sea breeze and sounds of the rainforest.

Pet-friendly villas in Fiji

Some members of your family are too important to leave behind, so it’s great to find a Fiji villa that accommodates pets. You still get the luxury and comforts of a Fiji villa but with the peace of mind that your furry family member is safe with you. You might want a 3-bedroom villa near the coast or a 6-bedroom rental with a staff that caters to your needs. One 3-bedroom villa is fully climate controlled and has a large kitchen and a large pool where you could swim laps, as well as a wraparound deck to enjoy the evening weather.