New Study Reveals Why Frequent, Short Getaways Are Better For You

A newly released survey reveals:

  • New Zealanders expect to increase the number of domestic long weekend getaways in 2019 by at least 50% compared to 2018

  • New Zealanders overwhelmingly believe (79%) pre-booking long weekend getaways provides a more positive outlook on daily life

  • Spending more quality time with family shown as key reason (87%) for taking long weekend getaways

New Zealanders are set to make a significant shift in holiday planning habits this year, favouring shorter but more frequent getaways. According to new research* commissioned by Bookabach, New Zealanders intend to take at least 50% more long weekend getaways in 2019, compared to last year.

Taking multiple weekend holidays a year provides a number of benefits, but perhaps most revealing from the survey is its ability to boost our happiness. Over 79% of respondents said the act of pre-booking a long weekend getaway significantly contributes to a more positive outlook on daily life. 

The most anticipated outcome amongst New Zealanders (87%) from this positive sentiment is spending more quality time with family, followed by the desire to escape daily life (49%).

Busy millennial families are particularly fond of this growing trend, with 64% planning to take more short domestic trips throughout the year.

Simone McDermid, PR & Communications Manager at Bookabach notes: “Long weekend getaways are becoming an important staple of family life for New Zealanders, and holiday rentals play a pivotal role in this phenomenon due to the features they offer, like extra space and great value. 

According to the Bookabach Summer 2018 study, 76% of respondents agreed that family getaways delivered some of their most favourite childhood memories, and parents were eager to replicate these experiences for their own children. Access to features like a BBQ, private pool and the simple pleasure of a late-night chat on the back porch are some of the key desires fuelling this demand.”

Thanks to Easter and ANZAC Day in April, the first big long weekend getaway opportunity for 2019 is just around the corner. But according to the February 2019 report,  46% of New Zealanders have not made plans to take advantage of the supersized holiday opportunity. 

“The Easter and ANZAC Day holiday period presents a great opportunity for many to relax, refresh and reconnect, however, not everyone taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy it. So, we’ve devised a simple hack to make the most of your weekends, anytime you want. 

New Zealand parents can be smarter with how they use their annual leave by spreading it across the year. By taking 19 days of leave during their kids’ school holidays, they can give themselves at least 6 four-day long weekends. That’s more than a month (46 days) of quality family time. Put simply, there’s never been a better time to jump in the car and enjoy a carefree long weekend with the whole family,” notes Simone McDermid. 

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