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  • Lovely to deal with.

    kmac465 100%|2x Jan 2019

  • Fantastic to deal with. Prompt replies to questions and very approachable.

    KateBu13 100%|5x Jan 2019

  • Wonderful communication throughout the process. Very obliging to our requests.

    KatrinaLoach 100%|8x Jan 2019

  • Great email exchange and communication.

    EmmaEasthope 100%|2x Oct 2018

  • Excellent

    PatriciaCa8 100%|1x Sep 2018

  • Robyn made sure the place was nice and ready for us and made everything really clear and easy For us. First time in Kinloch and it was an amazing experience

    KushalK3 100%|1x Jun 2018

  • Robyn is lovely to deal with and very accommodating.

    RobynMa15 100%|7x Jun 2018

  • Email of instruction shop have key points ie: Key is here Turn hot water on Turn oven on here Firewood is here Etc Then the long list of what ifs that go on for pages Fireplace needs internal baffles cleaned and fire lights at hand Downstairs heater has broken feet and is very dangerous. Upstairs bed is unusable even for small children, try it! Keys need marking ie: different colour nail polish on each key and lock so you don’t have to try 4 keys each time. Hope that helps.

    NickT443 100%|2x May 2018

  • Robyn was friendly and helpful. We enjoyed staying at their house. It is a neat place with a nice location.

    GavinRianaMong 100%|2x May 2018

  • Easier to deal with. Everything went well.

    SteveBr28 100%|5x Apr 2018