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  • The cabin was left nice and tidy. A++

    desiey660 100%|627x Aug 2018

  • Excellent guests. Welcome back anytime.

    LeeannT8 100%|20x Oct 2017

  • Thank you so much for staying in our little cottage. I am glad that you enjoyed it!!!

    The Acorn 100%|76x Oct 2017

  • Our guest and her hubby were model guests and very friendly. Thanks!

    GaryS416 100%|5x Oct 2017

  • The guests were very lovely, and left the studio spotless. would reccommend.

    RimaWaka 100%|2x Oct 2017

  • This young couple were very pleasant and amiable and left the unit clean and tidy. Would have them back anytime.

    FrancesHe2 100%|56x Oct 2017

  • Great guests, would love to have you back in the future

    jennon504 99%|362x Jul 2017

  • Lovely couple to deal with and left the studio very tidy - thank you. Would highly recommend to other batch owners.

    CathyG78 100%|40x Feb 2017

  • Bach left clean & tidy. Would recommend to others and welcome them back

    daveey595 99%|227x Sep 2015

  • Cabin was left nice and tidy. A+++

    desiey660 100%|627x Aug 2015