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  • Amazing people an absolute joy to have stay at our batch.

    PhilipC4 100%|26x Jun 2017

  • Amazing people, fabulous to deal with absolutely welcome back anytime.

    PhilipC4 100%|26x May 2017

  • Absolute pleasure to have stay at the property, clean and tidy and lovely to deal with, welcome back anytime

    tandbattokerau 100%|10x Apr 2017

  • Great Guests welcome back any time.

    PhilipC4 100%|26x Oct 2016

  • Great communication nice and fast responses

    PhilipC4 100%|26x May 2016

  • A1 people to have as tenants in your property, thanks again.

    Lyn-Morgan 100%|50x Feb 2016

  • Fantastic guests to have. Would love to see them at Doubtless Bay Dunes again.

    Billys Bach Holidays 100%|4x Oct 2015

  • Excellent guests!

    tracon235 100%|22x Feb 2015

  • Great guests!

    tracon235 100%|22x Nov 2014