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  • Very good tenants thanks for using our Bach Cheers

    MarieRa3 100%|14x Feb 2018

  • Highly recommend, very good to de4al with and house left in an exceptional state, thank You

    janeen644 100%|255x Feb 2017

  • No problem, good communication and prompt payment, Thank you. Welcome back anytime.

    grahte506 99%|175x Jan 2017

  • These guests were most appreciative and left the place very clean, tidy and secure, with all instructions followed. We wouLd gladly welcome them again.

    jenngh15 99%|115x Jan 2017

  • Thank you for staying at our house. Great guests, excellent communicators and left house tidy.

    Imbizi 100%|89x Jan 2017

  • House left clean and tidy. Good communication. Highly recommended.

    adriaw217 100%|26x Feb 2012

  • We would welcome these folk as return guests.

    Tongariro-Holiday-Rentals 99%|497x Mar 2011

  • Thanks, house was left clean and tidy.

    Lake Wanaka Holiday 99%|287x Sep 2008