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  • Place left clean & tidy thanks

    2LAKES Holiday Rentals 99%|1231x May 2018

  • Lovely person - Great to deal with.

    SimonYates 100%|6x Mar 2018

  • Great to have you back. See u in Feb

    BelindaEv3 98%|118x Dec 2017

  • It was great to have this friendly group to stay in my house -- the place was so clean, I hardly knew they'd been there -- Thanks !!

    NgaireE5 100%|32x Jun 2017

  • Place left clean & tidy thanks!

    2LAKES Holiday Rentals 99%|1231x May 2017

  • Excellent guests, welcome back anytime. Highly recommended.

    GraemeandSandyv 100%|74x May 2016

  • Awesome Guests. Highly recommend. A pleasure to enjoy the company of their adorable dog.

    Wendy777 98%|60x Mar 2016

  • Good Guests easy to deal with. Would recommend to others.

    MargoEA 99%|107x Feb 2016

  • Great to deal with. would have here again

    BelindaEv3 98%|118x Nov 2015