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  • Great guests to have stay. Good communication and left our Bach tidy. Glad you enjoyed your stay. In Waihi beach

    AdeleCripps 100%|19x Jan 2018

  • These guests took excellent care of the accommodation, they left it clean and tidy at time of departure. All accommodation payments were made promptly. We would be happy to have these guests to stay at any time in the future.

    Gail___ 100%|28x Jan 2018

  • Great people. Thoroughly enjoyed them and left house very tidy thank you

    mango9 100%|202x May 2017

  • Very good guests. Took good care of property and payment went smoothly. Easy communication. Thank you. Please come again.

    Coffee Lizard 100%|94x Oct 2016

  • Always a pleasure to have this family stay at our Crib.

    sander478 100%|351x Jan 2016

  • Excellent guests, welcome back anytime.

    marker331 100%|141x Jan 2016

  • We would welcome these guests back any time. They left our unit clean and very tidy.

    allisonRo1 100%|102x Dec 2015

  • What wonderful guests. Thanks so much for the manner in which you left the house. Welcome back any time!!

    MickE971 98%|62x Oct 2014

  • Excellent guests, looked after the house.

    marker331 100%|141x Feb 2014

  • Very happy to have these guests stay in our crib, they are welcome back anytime.

    sander478 100%|351x Feb 2014