Bali family villas for a fun-filled family destination

As one of the islands in Indonesia, Bali makes an excellent choice for a family holiday spot. You’ll enjoy the island’s warm weather and its exciting places of interest. You and the children can run along the sands of the beautiful beaches or surf in the ocean. If you prefer cooler climates, you can explore the volcanic mountains. Whether you want to buy a souvenir or trendy clothes, you could check out the shopping centres in Bali, especially in the Seminyak area. You can stay at many comfortable Bali family villas that are centrally located to the main attractions.

What Bali family villas provide

When you look for the best villas in Bali for families, you should determine what amenities you require for a pleasant stay. Most villas have modern amenities such as air conditioning, cable or satellite TV, internet, and WiFi. The kitchen is often fully equipped, with cooking utensils, refrigerator, microwave ovens and a stove. Even if you’re renting a 2-bedroom villa, you can use the additional comfortable cots (along with the king- or queen-sized beds) in the spacious bedrooms for more family members to sleep. Many holiday rentals, including budget-friendly villas, have a private outdoor pool, which will delight parents and children who want to beat the heat.

Family villas in Seminyak

Seminyak offers families upscale holiday rentals. The city is a prime area to visit in Bali because it delivers both a scenic beach and plentiful shopping opportunities with its chic boutique shops. Many luxury villas are near fine dining restaurants where you can savour the delicious local cuisine. Daily housekeeping services are also available in several luxury villas. Despite the city’s ritzy reputation, you can get affordable 3-bedroom family villas in Seminyak. Large families will like the 5- or 6-bedroom villas situated close to Seminyak Beach. For gorgeous scenery, you can look into villas with a flower garden in the back.

Other cities in Bali with family villas

While Seminyak is a very popular destination, other local cities can provide an enjoyable family holiday. Your family might prefer a quieter and less busy area than Seminyak. Whether it’s a secluded beach or the rugged mountain terrain that you appreciate, you’ll find several different landscapes to choose from for your holiday home.

Kuta Beach family villas

Kuta Beach is a top holiday spot with its surfing and other water activities. Families will find charming villas with easy access to the beach and you can see if the property owner has discounts for surfing lessons. If you want more privacy when lying in the sun, you can rent a three-bedroom villa with its own courtyard and sun beds. You can also check out the shopping malls close to your villa. While you can eat out at child-friendly restaurants, several villas have complimentary breakfasts prepared and delivered to their guests.

Legian Beach family villas

Located between Seminyak and Kuta Beach, Legian Beach also proves to be a great place for families. You can book four-bedroom villas at a reasonable price and get a respite from other travellers. You might rent a villa with a barbie and eat tasty grilled burgers and hot dogs with your meals. Whether your holiday rental is within walking distance to the beach or close to the Dream Museum Zone, a 3D art museum, you’ll enjoy plenty of family-friendly fun.

Nusa Dua Beach family villas

Nusa Dua Beach is more secluded than Kuta Beach and Legian Beach, so it’s ideal for those who want peace and privacy in a family holiday. With elegant furnishings and onsite spas, the villas tend to be more upscale than those at the local beaches. Certain beachfront villas have decks or rooftop balconies with an outstanding view of the ocean.

Ubud family villas

If you want to stay at a place with cooler temperatures, consider Ubud. Many families are drawn to the region’s mountains and highlands. The rustic appearance of the villas near the mountain trails further enhance the outdoors appeal. You’ll find villas that overlook terraced rice fields. If your children are interested in visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest or the Bali Zoo, you can book holiday homes near those attractions.