Villas of all kinds for your daydream holiday

Villas are large country residences that often include amenities like gardens, vineyards, courtyards, pools and fountains. Often Victorian in style, villas offer a touch of elegance and cultured living for your holiday, and many include hotel-like features to accommodate your needs on the trip. Villas are spacious, typically with many rooms, making them ideal for large groups or families. Whether you are looking for a base camp to explore the country or a self-contained space to relax and unwind, our guide will help you choose the best villa options for your next holiday.

Top articles to find your ideal villa for your holiday

Villas in Bali near temples, caves and glorious beaches


Bali is an Indonesian island paradise in the Indian Ocean that draws travellers from all over the world for its crystal-clear turquoise waters, calm beaches and lush green natural surroundings.

Explore the outdoors then retreat to Thailand villas


If you are in the mood for a tropical holiday on the beach or a sensational countryside retreat, look no further than Thailand villas.

A fantasy European holiday beckons with luxury villa rentals


There’s a reason why Europe is a top holiday destination for people from all over the world.

What's more romantic than a private pool villa in Bali?


The exotic island of Bali is a desirable holiday destination with many villas to perfectly suit your preferences. Bali is part of the Indonesian islands and has many visitors during high season due to its marine life and breathtaking coastal views. A villa with a private pool allows you to have a secluded accommodation with many comfortable amenities and gives you a place to unwind after your daily adventures.

Book Sanur villas for a laid-back Bali holiday


Sanur is a notably quiet seaside town on Bali’s southern coast near Denpasar. With its peaceful atmosphere, Sanur offers villas that enhance this sense of relaxation further. Bali villas in Sanur tend to come with a self-catering kitchen and bedrooms for the whole family. Top-quality villas are conveniently located within walking distance of the beach and city centre.

Watch your cares drift away at floating villas of Maldives


For a truly unique and innovative way to enliven your holiday in the Maldives, rent a floating villa. With the Maldives water villas, you can experience breathtaking views of the ocean from all directions. These villas come in different sizes and amenities to fit the budgets for all travellers and can be found throughout the Maldives.

If you desire the picturesque, an Italian villa is perfect


There may be no better view than a Tuscan sunset, and you have the chance to experience one of the most historic and beautiful regions in the world from a Tuscany villa. Tuscany is known for its wine and breathtaking old-world charm, and it’s no wonder why it’s a popular travel destination. A great way to experience the beauty, food and drink of Italy is by staying in a Tuscany villa.

Cheap Bali villas to please those with expensive tastes


If you’re a traveller looking to visit Indonesia, Bali is one of the premier destinations for those searching for a relaxing holiday experience. Not only is it packed full of exciting attractions from beaches to forests to shopping centres, but Bali is also relatively affordable. Cheap Bali villas are plentiful, and they still contain quality amenities like self-catering kitchens, spacious rooms, cotton linens and private pools while maintaining affordability.