Book Sanur villas for a laid-back Bali holiday

On the southeastern coast of the island of Bali, you’ll find the town of Sanur. While it is predominantly a resort town, Sanur is still remarkably calm and relaxing unlike some of its beachfront neighbours, making it the perfect destination for travellers looking for a quiet yet exciting holiday experience. Relaxation always takes priority in Sanur, so you can let your troubles float away on this Indonesian shore without being bothered by rambunctious partiers. This is especially true if you book your stay at one of the many quality Sanur villas.

Finding the best Sanur villas

When you stay in a Bali villa in Sanur, you can explore the area from a base of comfort and convenience. Villas here tend to be relatively large, so you can enjoy time to yourself even if you bring the family along for the trip. Of course, smaller options are also available if you’re looking for a couple’s holiday experience. Just make sure you consider where you want to book your villa. Numerous beachfront properties are available, but quality villas can also be found farther inland.

Booking Sanur Beach villas in Bali

If you’re looking for some fun in the sun along the area’s sandy shoreline, booking one of the Sanur Beach villas is your best bet. These properties will situate you just steps away from the beach, so close that you can hear the waves from inside if you open a window. For even greater privacy, many beachfront villas feature pools only accessible to you and your family so you can enjoy the water without having to deal with anyone else. Thanks to the relatively quiet nature of Sanur, though, beachfront accommodation is mostly private anyway.

Sanur villa accommodation near Denpasar

Bali’s capital city of Denpasar is just a stone’s throw from Sanur, and local villas closer to the city centre will grant access to a much wider variety of attractions. Denpasar is famous for its handcrafted souvenirs, but you’ll also find a diverse collection of restaurants and spas as well. Any Sanur villa accommodation close to Denpasar will focus more on convenience, with many located next to public transport stations. Even so, you’ll still find no shortage of luxury amenities such as high-quality linens, self-catering kitchens and spacious rooms suitable for the entire family.

Top picks for Sanur villa accommodation in Bali

When you’re looking for quality accommodation, Sanur villas offer many options to choose from. You’ll find large villas with 3 bedrooms as well as smaller 1- or 2-bedroom options better suited for a couple or small family. To get an idea of what villas are like in Sanur, take a look at the top picks for the area and consider all the luxury amenities they have to offer.

Modern villa near Sanur Beach

Located conveniently near Sanur Beach, this 3-bedroom modern villa has room for up to 6 people to sleep comfortably. Not only is it a few steps away from the beach, but you can walk to Sanur’s main street as well to enjoy the local restaurants and shops. You can enjoy a private pool with a balcony overlooking the area allowing parents to watch their little ones swim without having to go to the pool itself. The kitchen is self-catering with all the appliances you need to enjoy home-cooked meals. Each bedroom includes a television, and you’ll have exclusive access to sunbeds on the beach.

Garden villa in Sanur

If you’re looking for a villa in Sanur farther away from the beach, this property nestled in a garden may be exactly what you need. The beautiful greenery surrounding this property is expansive, so you’re constantly surrounded by gorgeous plants. The garden also blocks out the distractions of the city and the beach while still providing access to nearby areas should you wish to explore beyond the sanctuary of this villa. This property is quite large as well and features 4 bedrooms with room for 10 people to sleep. The self-catering kitchen offers modern designer appliances, and there’s an 32-metre swimming pool on the property as well. Cable television and high-speed WiFi are also included.