If you desire the picturesque, an Italian villa is perfect

The country of Italy is a sought-after holiday destination where you can enjoy the Italian coast and countryside from your own villa. The charm of Italy comes from its history and the natural beauty it possesses. Whether you prefer to stay in the northern wine country or on the rocky southern coast, a villa can be your perfect accommodation. No matter the number of bedrooms or type of amenities you desire, you can find a villa that perfectly suits your needs. Italy possesses an old-world beauty that’s like no other. You will find it ideal to come back to a villa that has every amenity of home to rejuvenate and be ready for the next day.

Tuscany villas for rent

You have the chance to see some of the most beautiful Renaissance art and architecture in the world along with some of the most stunning natural landscapes on a holiday in Tuscany. You’ll want to find the right accommodation to suit you, and a Tuscany villa may be perfect for your trip. Whether you are looking for a 1-bedroom villa for a romantic retreat or a 3-bedroom rental to bring the whole family, you can find the perfect villa in Tuscany. Many of the charming stays are brick and stone farmhouses that have fully modernized amenities with all comforts of home. You might stay in a villa that has a wooden spiral staircase with tile floors and stone steps outside down to the private pool.

Villas for rent in Sicily

You can find incredible villas in Sicily near Palermo, Catania and elsewhere on the beautiful island. You may be interested in hiking around Mount Etna or visiting many of the well-preserved ruins, and a villa would be a great choice for your holiday. One beachside villa enjoys direct beach access and a beautiful outdoor seating area to enjoy the Mediterranean sun with a patio surrounded by botanical life. Many other villas have direct beach access, while some feature seclusion within surrounding walls. One has a private pool that overlooks the Sicilian countryside along with an outdoor seating area and a brick oven to fire up your own pizza or freshly baked bread.

Villas in Italy with private pools

Sometimes the best way to relax and enjoy your holiday is by floating in your private pool, and many Italian villas feature this option. A villa that sleeps 6 has a pool with lights for nighttime swimming, and the yard and pool are surrounded by a privacy wall. One lovely old villa has entirely modern comforts and a view of the lush countryside. A luxurious option is a villa that has stone tile floors throughout with a sleek, modern pool and comfortable lounge chairs for relaxing.

Seaside villas in Italy

You can find many wonderful Italian villas for rent by the sea whether you want to be located on the Adriatic, Ionian or Tyrrhenian Sea. You can enjoy the sight of the rocky coast and vibrant fauna as the water glistens from the setting sun. Almost all villas by the sea have an outdoor seating area, and many have direct beach access. Of course, indoor amenities aren’t neglected, and you can find a villa that has a spacious kitchen that is fully stocked as well as an open dining area. You might enjoy one with a large outdoor garden and palm trees that provide plenty of shade in the afternoon, and as an added bonus you can enjoy the evening air from an outdoor dining patio.

Villas on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a desirable holiday destination, and you can experience the best of its Mediterranean beauty from a luxurious villa. Italian villas for rent on the Amalfi Coast range in size and offer various amenities, but you are almost guaranteed a scenic view. One cosy villa features beautiful decor with rich, dark wood contrasting with white couches and white accents, along with an outdoor patio that gives you an unbelievably picturesque view. You could also rent a traditional Italian villa that has grapevines overhanging the outdoor patio. Many villas have classic rounded ceilings and tile floors. You could grab a 3-bedroom villa for your family or small group that has access to the rooftop to enjoy the surrounding sounds and sights as well as a private pool to cool off from the sun.