What's more romantic than a private pool villa in Bali?

One of the best ways to enjoy all that Bali has to offer is with your very own villa, especially a villa with a private pool where you can unwind after a long day. With hundreds to choose from, you can nail down exactly where you want to be and what you want in a Bali villa. A honeymooning couple might opt for a romantic villa with its own private pool and gazebo that includes a table for a romantic dinner. For a couple or solo traveller, a 1-bedroom villa with a lighted pool and balcony to overlook the pool and courtyard might be ideal. Bali villas are near the beach and inland, have combinations of 2- and 3-bedroom suites and are as luxurious as you desire.

Bali’s beach villas with private pools

  1. Whether you want to soak up the sun or you’re planning to hit the links at Bali Beach Golf Course, a beach villa with a private pool may suit you well. On the northern shore, you can choose a villa with crystal clear blue water in its private pool surrounded by a perfectly manicured garden. If you’d like direct beach access, then you may want a 2-bedroom villa with abundant plant life to feel immersed in nature. In the southern part of Bali, you can rent a sleek and contemporary villa that has a stone tile bathroom and hints of traditional Indonesian style, including a covered daybed on the edge of the private pool. You might also enjoy your own kitchen bar with a small private pool surrounded by tropical foliage.

Inland villas with private pools

So much of the charm and beauty of Bali can be experienced in the inland part of the island and you can choose between dozens of villas, all with private pools. One tranquil paradise has fountain statues peacefully spraying into the pool where you can relax to the gentle sound of running water. You can have your private retreat as a couple or small group with a 2-bedroom compound that has a pool in the centre courtyard. If you would like more luxury, you can get a 3-bedroom estate that has a lush garden surrounding the private pool, as well as the perfect combination of contemporary design and traditional aesthetic. If you want an all-inclusive luxury villa, up to 7 can stay at a serene country villa with outdoor seating areas and accommodating staff.

Luxury villas with a private pool

Bali has a great selection of luxury villas that also have private pools. One choice has a mixture of modern and traditional Indonesian style, with a vibrant lawn and garden and outdoor deck where you can relax or dry off from the pool. A gorgeous rental that sleeps up to 10 has a traditional thatched roof along with every modern comfort and amenity you may want. A 3-bedroom designer villa with stone reliefs in the bathrooms and a spacious kitchen is another popular option. At many luxury villas, you can accommodate up to 20 guests.

Bali 2-bedroom villas with private pools

The perfect family or small group retreat may be at a 2-bedroom Bali villa that has its own pool. A beautiful duplex-style villa that looks like a refurbished Indonesian barn with a terra-cotta roof and a blossoming garden that surrounds the pool might be ideal for a group. One country retreat is surrounded by fields and can provide a tranquil holiday in a historically designed Balinese villa with all of the modern comforts. If you prefer to be in the Denpasar region, you can get a spectacular 2-bedroom villa with outdoor seating areas for evening entertainment or a rejuvenating breakfast.

Bali 3-bedroom villas with private pools

After a fun day of visiting the many sights, including the Bali Museum, you and your larger family or group of guests can relax in your very own 3-bedroom villa. You may want to check out a large 2-storey villa that has traditional Indonesian architecture and luxurious accommodations, including a staff. Another great choice might be a secluded estate with a large pool that is surrounded by agriculture and the peace of the countryside. A 3-bedroom villa with oceanside views is also available, where you can climb the stairs to the open terrace to take in the sunrise or sunset.