A fantasy European holiday beckons with luxury villa rentals

Europe is a perennially popular holiday destination, drawing millions of travellers every year to visit medieval cities and churches, indulge in outstanding shopping and dining, see stunning white-sand beaches with deep blue waters and absorb as much culture as possible. From Spain to Greece to Croatia and beyond, holiday luxury villa rentals in Europe can offer you the kind of travel experience that creates memories for a lifetime and have the makings of a true fantasy level holiday. Check out this guide to some of the most popular destinations and the villa rentals you’ll find there.

Villa rentals in Greece to visit the land of the ancient gods

Greece is the land of the ancient gods, from Zeus and Hera to Apollo and Aphrodite. From the towering Mount Olympus to the island paradises of Santorini and Mykonos, Greece offers sightseeing, boating, wine drinking, archaeology and more. Many holiday rentals in Greece feature full kitchens and spacious living quarters as well as features like private pools and hot tubs. Try your hand at self-catering an authentic Greek meal after relaxing by the seaside and enjoying all the shopping and sightseeing this myth-steeped Mediterranean nation has to offer.

Villas in Santorini

The island of Santorini is famed for its churches and wineries, as well as its stunning seaside island views and soft white-sand beaches. From villas in Santorini, you can visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, the Wine Museum of Santorini Island and other cultural attractions. The House of Mantilida Villa offers close access to some of the most glorious beaches in the region with accommodation for up to 4, making it the perfect family getaway with flat-screen TV, fireplace, and several books to read while you lounge on the white sands and catch some sun.

Villas in Mykonos

The island paradise of Mykonos is among the most famed and popular holiday destinations in all of Greece. Legend has it this island was named for the son of Apollo and was the location of many great battles. There are 10 villages on the island and between them, you can enjoy fine dining, boutique shopping and visit the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos. The 4-bedroom Villa “Nashira" offers accommodation for up to 8 people, perfect for 2 families travelling together, but also welcomes pets and in addition to a private pool, offers a spa tub, all set on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Croatia villas offer the best in old-world charm

The Republic of Croatia in southeast central Europe has played a major role in world events since the 6th century, through World War II and into the modern era. The cities, villages and streets of this town are rich with history and old-world charm, and the hospitality industry is a major economic factor, so it’s very welcoming to travellers. From the 1st-century Pula Arena to Diocletian’s Palace, villa rentals in Croatia position you to have a breathtaking window into the past.

Rent a villa in Dubrovnik for broad history

After your holiday in Greece, head northwest to see a different Mediterranean shore from Dubrovnik. This popular holiday destination has become even more renowned as the filming location used for King’s Landing in the Game of Thrones television series. The gorgeous Villa Kate Dadić is ideal for the couple on a romantic holiday, with direct connections to the Old Town area via bus, and free parking available for those who wish to secure a car hire and self-drive. It has a private patio and simple, quaint accommodation just perfect for 2.

Spain villa rentals offer a stunning East-West blend

Spain is a country with a rich and diverse culture, informed as much by Islamic influence as medieval Christian. It’s a nation that has seen a great deal of turmoil and has come out with a varied and wondrous culture as a result. Here you can see landmark churches and fortified medieval hilltop Moorish complexes juxtaposed alongside ultra-modern amusement parks, fine dining and shopping. Your villa rental in Spain offers you access to the best of what Europe has to offer, with amenities that will seat you in the lap of luxury your entire trip.

Villas in Ibiza offer live music, beaches and shopping

Ibiza is an island off the shore of Spain which is renowned for its romantic ambience. Here you’ll find fine dining, shopping, endless stretches of white beach, the medieval Ibiza Castle, live music and other cultural and historic features across the island. A 3-bedroom villa capable of sleeping up to 6 is ideal for a family on holiday and offers newly-renovated facilities with access to a swimming pool and outdoor barbie for those who enjoy self-catering. There’s also a serene view of local fruit orchards as well as cable TV, free WiFi and a selection of books to keep you entertained.