New Zealand's capital city of Wellington is packed full of exciting things to do with enough variety to offer thrilling adventure for just about any family. When your family is looking to adventure in this city, you'll find plenty of activities to enjoy no matter what you're looking for. You can find inner-city fun or explore the surrounding countryside for a more nature-oriented experience. Whatever your desires are, you'll need to create an itinerary that offers an unforgettable adventure. Take a look at the best things to do with kids in Wellington, and discover how you can make the most of your holiday trip.

1. Meet the animals at Zealandia

Zealandia is a fascinating experience that lets you and your family see the wide range of the country's native birds. It functions as an interactive museum you can walk through, offering valuable insight into the native ecology while also making it easy to spot the vibrant and fascinating birds that have made this attraction their home. You'll find birds such as the North Island robin, the tui, the kaka, the takahe and much more. Feeding stations are set up by the walking paths, so birds are in sight more often than not. The walking paths here are also easy and well maintained so that the whole family can make their way through without issue.

2. Immerse yourself in local history at the Te Papa Museum

When you visit the Te Papa Museum, you'll find a rich history on display covering everything from the country's cultural history to its natural history that forged powerful volcanoes and the diverse flora and fauna. Several interactive exhibits and displays are available inside with enough content to keep your family entertained for several hours. It'll take several hours to see everything, so make sure you plan your visit accordingly. Additionally, this museum is free to access, so it's perfect if you're looking for things to do with kids in Wellington on a budget.

3. Get active at Adrenalin Forest

If your family is looking for thrilling outdoor adventure, Adrenalin Forest may be among the best attractions in Wellington. Here, you'll find plenty to do with activities that will test your physical capabilities while offering thrills you won't want to miss. Among the activities here, you'll find rope courses and obstacles set up among the treetops where a harness supports visitors. The challenges come in several different levels, with 1 being the easiest and 6 being the most difficult. Kids are free to participate as well, of course, though they do have to meet the minimum height requirements of 1.45 metres.

4. Splash around at Oriental Bay

Visiting Wellington will put you close to the coast, where you'll find plenty of beaches to explore. One of the best can be found at Oriental Bay, a popular destination for visiting families looking for some fun in the sun. Known as the Riviera of the South, this beach offers far more than a fun place to relax or go for a swim. You'll find historic houses, fun shops and delicious restaurants in the area as well offering so much to do that it may be worth dedicating an entire day of your holiday trip to Oriental Bay.

5. Go behind the scenes at Weta Workshop

If your family is interested in cinema, Weta Workshop is a must-visit attraction. No other family activities in Wellington can bring you so close to the world of cinema. This workshop showcases essential features of film practice, including how special and practical effects are done using iconic movies like Independence Day and Lord of the Rings as examples. You'll also find special exhibits here for kids, including one that shows how filmmakers can turn everyday items into miniature universes. Your kids can even work with designers to bring some of their own creative ideas to life in hands-on activities.

6. Explore a diverse range of exhibits at Wellington Museum

If you're looking for educational kids activities in Wellington, the Wellington Museum has plenty to offer. Within this museum, you'll find a variety of exhibits covering a massive range of topics. For example, you can see a recreation of the Wellington shorefront of the 19th century in addition to fascinating steampunk-style inventions. This museum also has a substantial collection of Maori artwork to explore that offers valuable insight into their creative expression throughout history. That artwork is just the beginning of how this museum tells the stories of native New Zealanders.

7. Look to the stars at Space Place

While Space Place is fun to visit no matter what time of day it is within their opening hours, it's one of the few things to do with kids in Wellington during the evening that's unique and fun. You'll find several interactive exhibits as well as a full-dome planetarium that offers valuable insight into celestial bodies like planets, stars, constellations and even the multitude of other galaxies out there that are an almost unfathomable distance away. Additionally, you'll be able to see the important role New Zealand played in space exploration and discovery.