Immersed in nature at your Cape Tribulation beach house

The first thing visitors to Cape Tribulation will likely notice is the lush and vibrant flora spreading out in all directions with the exception of the beach. Visiting the soft sands of Cape Trib offers a satisfying beach experience with various greenery serving as a natural backdrop. The many rental options here include houses, cabins, cottages and bungalows. Finding a Cape Tribulation beach house is the first step toward enjoying everything this popular destination can offer for your next holiday.

Cape Tribulation beach house options

When you’re booking a Cape Tribulation beach house, there are several different options to choose from. While there are many traditional houses available for rent on the beach, other styles are available as well. These styles include cabins, cottages and bungalows, each offering a unique experience.

Cape Tribulation cabins

If you book a Cape Tribulation cabin, you can expect an experience a bit closer to nature. Cabins are designed to fare well in the woods, and with all the lush flora in the area, putting yourself in the middle of nature isn’t all that hard. Even so, there are numerous cabins that offer quick paths to the beach, so you’ll never be too far away from the water. A holiday centred on nature can also be enhanced with a visit to the Bat House or Daintree Wild Zoo, and there are numerous beachfront cabins near those thrilling attractions.

Cape Tribulation cottages

Booking your stay in a cottage offers a slightly different experience. Cottages are typically smaller, so they’re best for travellers visiting by themselves or for a couple looking for a romantic holiday. Of course, there are some cottages that feature multiple beds in a single bedroom, so you can bring more people along for the trip if you don’t mind sleeping in the same room. Cottages also tend to be more isolated, so they're a great option for travellers looking to avoid the crowds.

Cape Tribulation bungalows

Bungalows tend to be even smaller than cottages, so they’re especially suited for couples looking to experience a romantic holiday. Cottages may have room for more than 1 bed in the single bedroom, but that’s not usually the case with bungalows. There’s typically 1 bed in a single bedroom that’s big enough to sleep 2 people comfortably. Bungalows are known for their large windows and outdoor settings, so it’s easy to connect with nature. Cape Tribulation is home to several eco-friendly bungalows, so you can enjoy beachfront comfort without having to worry about your carbon footprint.

Top picks for a Cape Trib beach house

With so many options for choosing a Cape Tribulation beach house, it’s helpful to narrow them down a bit first to match what you're looking for. You might opt for a cabin, cottage, bungalow or a more traditional home. Cape Trib has alternatives of all kinds to choose from, but the following are among the best.

rainforest retreat in a Cape Tribulation beach house

When you book your stay at the Alkira Resort House and Rainforest Retreat, you can expect award-winning luxury. This beach house is set comfortably within the untouched rainforest and offers a 600-metre stretch of warm sand on a beach that’s completely private. The house itself is state of the art, with sleek lines and an imposing yet relaxing design that speaks volumes for its modernist structure. It features 6 bedrooms, each with a queen-size bed, so there’s potentially room to sleep 12 people.

Cape Tribulation beach house with private swimming hole

You may want to book your stay at Daintree Secrets, which sits comfortably on 4 hectares of mostly forested property. The floor plan here is open, and the home features a massive veranda that overlooks 2 private swimming holes complemented by natural waterfalls. Because the forest curves around the veranda, you can enjoy stunning views no matter what room you’re in. You'll also have access to sandy Thornton Beach, and you can embark on an ocean safari to explore Struck Reef, which is located right off the shore. With 3 bedrooms, you can bring an entire family of 8 along for the trip.