Located on southeast Rarotonga island, Muri Beach is a tropical paradise with crystal-clear turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. Muri Beach is a must-visit spot for all types of holiday visitors who enjoy the adventure and seclusion of an exotic island. You’ll find numerous beach and island activities, such as sunbathing, shell collecting, swimming, water sports, mountain hiking, bike tours, children's beach games and romantic excursions, just to name a few. No matter what type of trip you’re looking for, take a look at the activities and accommodation offered along Muri Beach.

Accommodation near Muri Beach

Muri Beach has accommodation for all types of travellers. Whether you need a romantic island cottage, a beach bungalow with sunrise views or a spacious family holiday home, Muri Beach has the type of variety that lets you find what you need. Learn more about Muri Beach accommodation options to meet your preferences for luxury and comfort or to meet a specific budget.

Beach accommodation

When you holiday near Muri Beach, you likely want to find the best possible beachside stay. Muri Beach offers some of the best sunrise views you can ever hope to experience in the South Pacific, so it’s no wonder that most holiday visitors are looking for some kind of beach bungalow or seaside holiday home. Beach accommodation is great for family stays, since everything is close by and you won't have to bring a lot of gear to the beach. You want to be close to the soft sand to take advantage of the morning sun and soothing surf. Stays that have direct beach access usually book quickly, but you can find many options that are an easy 5-minute walk to the beach.

Family holiday homes

Whether you are looking for a stay directly on the beach or closer to the natural rain forest inland, one of the most popular accommodation choices is a holiday home. Holiday homes offer a level of relaxation and freedom to enjoy being self-contained and enjoy self-catered meals in an atmosphere that feels overall spacious and homey. Another benefit of holiday homes is how family-friendly they can be. You can have a yard area for kids to play, and often there are games and toys available. Holiday homes have extra amenities that make your trip more hassle-free.A large family holiday home offers exciting extras like outdoor entertainment space, lush surrounds, space for multiple families and a pool for the kids

Hotels and apartments

The preferred holiday accommodation for many is the conventional experience of a hotel or apartment. These are for those who enjoy on-site amenities or, in the case of a serviced apartment, the privacy of a self-contained unit. In either case, these are attractive options for the convenient amenities that allow you to not have to think about meals or tidying up your living space to get back to the fun and adventure of Muri Beach activities. If you prefer a cosy rental, a studio apartment gives you everything you need, such as a kitchen with appliances and beach access, with just enough space for your group.

Things to do at Muri Beach

Muri Beach is the type of tropical destination that comes to mind when you think of the word paradise. The most popular thing to do is visit the beach itself, where you can feel the soft sand between your toes as you stroll along the shallow surf, paddleboard across the clear, turquoise waters, sunbathe, kitesurf or kayak. There are many romantic encounters, such as dinners with live cultural entertainment. Muri Beach is also just one of the amazing attractions on Rarotonga Island.

Family fun on Rarotonga

In addition to Muri Beach, the greater Rarotonga island has more exotic encounters to discover. Wine connoisseurs can try red banana wine tasting, and those who like a bit of a thrill can try a buggy tour or quad excursion. Many holiday travellers to Rarotonga recommend going on one of the lagoon cruises around the island with the family. Another popular activity is the family-friendly cultural experience of Te Vara Nui, where you can enjoy fire dancers and native music.

Romantic activities

Muri Beach is perfect for a romantic couple’s getaway. You could start the day with guided yoga on the beach and enjoy a massage surrounded by the jungle and the sounds of a nearby waterfall. The day could be all about a private sailboat ride or kayaking the calm waters of the lagoon. Couples who enjoy some adventure can head into the rainforest to hike to the base of Te Rua Manga, also known as The Needle. There are many romantic dinner options, especially if you enjoy a culturally festive meal with a show.