Make memories with a trip to Bucklands Beach

A suburb of Auckland CityBucklands Beach is an exciting holiday destination with picturesque beaches, nature reserves and a lot to see and do. You’ll have numerous family-friendly attractions to see, charming shops and restaurants on the boardwalk and marinas with boat trips and charter tours. You’ll also have some of the most unique experiences in all of New Zealand for a memorable time. Whether you want outdoor fun, family time, quiet beach days or a romantic trip, you could find it all in Bucklands Beach. Take a look at the activities and attractions in Bucklands Beach and learn more about your accommodation options to plan your trip.

Things to do in Bucklands Beach

From intriguing historic sites to vast parklands to animal encounters, there’s something for everyone in Bucklands Beach. With attractions for kids and adults alike, Bucklands Beach is ideal for a family trip with exciting experiences for the little ones. Take a look at the best things to do in Bucklands Beach to plan your itinerary.

Howick Historical Village for historic tours

The Howick Historical Village is a fascinating living-history museum that’s perfect for the whole family. Recreated to an authentic 19th-century village, the Howick Historical Village hosts Live Days events with marching bands, horse-drawn carriage rides, Victorian games, military drills and other authentic historic reenactments to give you a glimpse into the past.

Omana Regional Park for family fun outdoors

Bucklands Beach and the surrounding East Auckland suburbs are stunning, so why not get outside and take in the scenery? Omana Regional Park is one of the best places to take a nature walk or have a picnic with the kids in the sunshine. The park also has a swimming beach, a children’s playground, a petting zoo and tidal pools that reveal intriguing sea creatures at low tide.

Cuesta Alpacas for wildlife encounters

Animal lovers will adore a visit to Cuesta Alpacas. The alpaca farm is home to over 100 alpacas and offers tours with up-close encounters and demonstrations. The farm also has a weaving studio, a gift shop and other activities for kids. Before you leave, stop in the store and buy a souvenir wrap, throw blanket, scarf, baby blanket or other alpaca wool gift.

Snakes and Ladders Park for kid-friendly fun

One of the coolest places for kids and adults is the Snakes and Ladders Park. The fun park has all kinds of unique obstacles, such as snake-shaped slides, massive ladders and giant dice to guide your play. You could spend hours at the park with the kids to give them memories that will last forever.

Accommodation options in Bucklands Beach

From full-service beachfront hotels to comfortable holiday homes, you’ll have numerous options for your stay in Bucklands Beach. Whether you need space for all the kids, you want the comfort of hotel services or you prefer to be within reach of the beach, check out the best options for accommodation in Bucklands Beach.

Beach hotels

If you want the convenience and service of a hotel, you’ll have numerous beachfront hotels to choose from in Bucklands Beach. You can stay right on the beach or close to the attractions of the city. Hotels also offer exciting services like concierge services, onsite pools, fitness centres, shuttles and more.

Family holiday homes

Holiday homes are one of the most versatile options for a holiday rental in Bucklands Beach, especially if you're travelling with family. Ranging from sprawling and upscale to budget-friendly and practical, you can find the ideal holiday home for your family or travel group. Holiday homes come in just about every size and style you can imagine, so you’ll truly feel like you have a home away from home during your trip. If you have the kids, you can find family-friendly holiday homes with additional amenities like a backyard, extra bedrooms and bathrooms, toys and games and more.

Beach baches

If you want to stay close to the water but still enjoy some privacy, booking a beach bach is the best option. Beach baches put you within steps of the sand for more time spent in the sun with the kids and enjoying stunning waterfront views. Baches are also self-contained, so you’ll have your own kitchen, laundry facilities and other conveniences of home to take care of the family. You can find baches with a romantic vibe, family amenities or just enough space and luxury to relax after having adventures in the outdoors.