Enjoy a seaside retreat with Cooks Beach accommodation

Located on the Coromandel PeninsulaCooks Beach is a charming seaside town on a 3-kilometre string of white-sand beaches on Cooks Bay. You’ll have a variety of pristine beaches to choose from for fun with the kids, as well as attractions like art galleries and geothermal features. Cooks Beach is a haven for outdoor adventures as well, including kayaking, boating, fishing and surfing. Accommodation in Cooks Beach will keep you close to the sand and all the activities of the area for a memorable holiday experience. Take a look at Cooks Beach accommodation options and find inspiration for what to see and do on your trip.

Accommodation in Cooks Beach

As a popular resort destination, Cooks Beach has an array of accommodation options near the shore for a beach trip. From bed-and-breakfasts with local charm to diverse holiday homes and baches with space for the whole family, take a look at the accommodation options near Cooks Beach.


Cooks Beach offers a range of bed-and-breakfast options for the whole family. You can book a large bed-and-breakfast that offers rooms with their own bathrooms or multiple rooms with a smaller room for a child and an adjoining bathroom. Bed-and-breakfasts also have guest lounges with wood-burning fireplaces and entertainment systems. Plenty of bed-and-breakfasts are near the beach, golf courses, restaurants, shops and family attractions in Cooks Beach.


Chalets are the best way to experience Cooks Beach in style. Chalets are located in tranquil native bushland with views of the coast, all within steps of the sandy beach. You can watch the sunrise and sunset over the water from your own deck, or head out to the beach early for sunbathing, surfing, swimming and great fishing with the kids. Chalets are self-contained, so you’ll have a full kitchen and appliances to cook for the kids, office space, multiple bathrooms and additional amenities like a grill and fish-cleaning station.

Family holiday homes and baches

Holiday homes and baches are the most versatile of the accommodation options in Cooks Beach. Whether you stay close to the beach or near the attractions of town, you’ll find an array of homes to suit your needs. Holiday homes are available with extra bedrooms and bathrooms to suit the whole family, or with just enough space for a cosy retreat for 2. Plenty of holiday homes and baches offer amenities like a pool, outdoor entertainment area and waterfront views. You’ll also find child- and pet-friendly homes and baches. You can book a family beach house that offers watersports equipment, beach views, media, books and toys for kids.

Things to do in Cooks Beach

Cooks Beach is a charming seaside town near a string of pristine shoreline. You’ll find several beaches with white sand and shallow, gentle waters for swimming. Whether you want to spend time exploring the landscape, enjoying water sports or playing on the sand with the kids, here are the best beaches and things to do in Cooks Beach for a memorable trip.

Cooks Beach for family fun

Located near Flaxmill Bay and Ferry Landing, Cooks Beach boasts 3 kilometres of sand framed by tidal estuaries. Because it’s sheltered from the open ocean, Cooks Beach offers shallow areas with gentle surf for children to swim and play safely and adults to enjoy laps in the water. Picnic areas, a children’s playground and a boat launch are near the beach. Popular activities include kayaking, boating and fishing.

Hot Water Beach for a spa retreat

One of the most unique beaches in New Zealand, Hot Water Beach has a geothermal feature that runs underneath. At low tide, you can dig a hole in the sand to allow the hot spring to fill it, giving you your own spa pool. You’ll find a lot of places to explore near the beach, including an art gallery, cafes, family-friendly attractions, eateries and boutiques.

Cathedral Cove for coastal walks

Cathedral Cove is a beautiful beach near the Te-Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve. It earns its name from the cathedral-shaped archway of natural stone on the edge of the beach. You can take a coastal track that travels along the beach past places like Gemstone Bay and Stingray Bay, which are prime snorkelling spots, to reach the archway. You could also reach the archway by boat tour, water taxi or kayak if you're travelling with smaller children.