Discover the best ideas for Kawhia beach holidays

One of the natural inlets in the Tasman Sea of the Waikato region, Kawhia is a tranquil seaside community in North Island that offers some of the best beach experiences. You could take exciting fishing charters to catch game fish like shark and marlin, bathe in your own geothermal pools on stunning white sand, learn about history while the kids marvel at Jurassic fossils and so much more. Whether you’re planning a beach trip with the kids, an adventure on the high sea or time alone with your partner in a beautiful environment, find out more about Kawhia beach holidays and accommodation options to plan your trip.

Accommodation in Kawhia

From luxury holiday homes to cosy beach baches to a personal touch with a bed and breakfast, accommodation in Kawhia comes in a full scope of options. You’ll find holiday accommodation for families, couples, solo travellers, groups and more, all within reach of Kawhia’s best activities. Find out more about accommodation in Kawhia.

Family holiday houses

Family holiday homes give you a home away from home to keep the whole family happy and comfortable. You could book holiday homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, bunk beds for the kids, toys and games, entertainment systems, pools, backyards and beach access. Homes come in a wide variety of options, from cosy and budget friendly to sprawling and luxurious. Houses offer all the comforts of home, including a full kitchen to prepare your own meals and laundry facilities to keep up with the chores.

Beach baches and cottages

Beach baches and cottages are the perfect options if you’re planning to spend a lot of time by the water. You can book beach baches and cottages that are on the edge of the sand for early beach days and enjoy watersports and the best sunbathing hours. If you have the kids, going to the beach without packing all your gear, since your cottage is close for snacks or using the facilities. Beach baches are a great choice for a romantic trip as well, since you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of the scenery for romantic evening dinners and drinks. You’ll find a range of beach baches with affordable or luxury options.

Bed and breakfast

If you want a personalised experience in Kawhia, booking a bed and breakfast is the best option. Bed and breakfast stays provide you with comfortable rooms, guest living spaces, a cosy breakfast, personalised service and recommendations and organised tours and activities for the kids. Bed and breakfasts are great for group family trips as well, since you’ll be with your own community of travellers.

Things to do in Kawhia

Kawhia is home to a wide variety of exciting and unique holiday experiences for all types of travellers. From bathing in natural Kawhia hot pools to touring museums to chartering a fishing boat to catch a shark, check out the best options for things to do in Kawhia during your trip.

Fish excursions for adventure

The coastal village of Kawhia is a renowned fishing area with family fishing tours throughout the year. You’ll find a variety of tour operators that provide incredible fishing experiences, even if it’s your first time. Kawhia fishing charters offer qualified crews that provide you with all the equipment to fish for New Zealand’s abundant species, including kingfish, kahawai, trevally, gurnard, shark and marlin.

Ocean Beach hot springs for romance

Bathing in geothermal springs is the ultimate in romance for your couple’s trip. Ocean Beach is Kawhia’s hot water beach and reveals geothermally heated hot water bubbles through the black sand at low tide. You can find the springs at the end of the beach over the dunes, bring a shovel, and dig your own hole to relax in the soothing waters while you look at the views of the coast.

Kawhia Regional Museum for family trips

If you’re bringing the kids, the Kawhia Regional Museum is a must-visit on your holiday. The fascinating museum chronicles the history of Kawhia, including natural history with Tainui carvings, Jurassic fossils, kauri racing whaleboats and other unique artefacts. The beach also doubles as a visitor centre in the summer season and offers information on beach access, road conditions and tides to plan your beach visit.