The resort destination of Takapuna Beach is located on the northeastern shore of the North Island just outside of Auckland, New Zealand. Takapuna Beach is a popular spot for locals and a must-see spot for holiday visitors, because you can spend the day here enjoying the sun, taking a walk through the soft sand or peering out to the iconic Rangitoto island. The popularity also means there are numerous restaurants and surrounding family activities to experience, like the playground and splash pad at The Strand. You could spend multiple days uncovering possible adventures at Takapuna Beach.

About Takapuna Beach

Takapuna Beach is conveniently located just north of Auckland, which means there are city amenities nearby and plenty of great options for accommodation. One of the most rewarding aspects of Takapuna Beach is the views of the iconic Rangitoto island, which is the dominant coastal landmark. The beach is popular for taking long walks across the vast stretch of soft coastal sand, but it also has areas for families with children to have fun spending time together and picnic areas for a great evening BBQ. Because Takapuna Beach is in Auckland, you’ll find countless restaurants and shops to try.

Beach amenities

Some beaches are remote and secluded from urban life, while others are on city’s-edge with lots of amenities but feel overly crowded. Takapuna Beach really is the best of both worlds. Takapuna Beach is situated on the northern edge of Auckland with convenient beach amenities yet it is also wonderfully preserved displaying the depth of nature while maintaining a secluded field. The convenient amenities of showers, restroom areas, and food services within direct proximity of the beach means you can spend more time strolling about and enjoying the sun, rather than having to pack up and look for facilities.

Family-focused amenities

Takapuna Beach hat is an exceptionally great beach for families with children. The natural beauty of the coast and the marine life within volcanic rock pools make a simple walk down the beach excited for children. The relatively flat sandy beach with its shallow grade of surf makes Takapuna Beach a great beach for swimming. There are also playgrounds and parks on the beachfront. The Strand has an aqua play area with pipe slides, fountains to splash in, and a full-size playground with water guns and water traps. The close proximity to most accommodations means less hassle of travelling.

Takapuna Beach accommodation

You will find numerous options to suit your accommodation needs in and around Takapuna Beach. Thankfully, you have the whole Auckland region to find the right stay and still be close to Takapuna Beach. Whether travelling with family, friends, a romantic interest or flying solo, you can check out one of the beach baches, waterfront apartments, family holiday homes or a holiday park to determine what meets your overnight accommodation needs. Often a hotel is a good choice because it has the convenience of on-demand full services, but a self-contained holiday home is preferred because of its versatility and privacy.

Beachfront accommodation

Regardless of the type of accommodation, when you are visiting Takapuna Beach, you will want an accommodation that puts you close to the beachfront. Because Takapuna Beach is just outside Auckland, a beachfront stay puts you close to the city nightlife as well. Some hotels meet the beachfront criteria, and the hotel is a good choice to take advantage of guest services, beachside catering, a fitness centre and local shuttles. But a beach bungalow is a more attractive option for some travellers, because you are up close to the water and have self-contained amenities and comforts for the whole family.

Family holiday homes

By far the most popular option for a Takapuna Beach accommodation is a holiday home. Holiday homes are versatile and can range from ones that are practical and budget-friendly to upscale with luxury amenities. Around Takapuna Beach, with many choices that range size and style, you have the freedom to pick a location that is ideal for your holiday activities. Family-friendly holiday homes might come with a yard to spend time in and more amenities for children. A group of friends spending a weekend holiday together might opt for a holiday home that has extra bedrooms and a fully stocked kitchen.