A real SC beach vacay in Myrtle Beach rentals

Myrtle Beach rentals are able to take the meaning of "beach-cation" to all new and dizzying heights. They sit in a town that's a poster child for the wholesome American coastal escape – think cotton-candy stalls, Ferris wheels, rides, slides, BBQ grills, you name it. Stretching to the north and south are smaller, quieter, breezier enclaves with cottages and condos by the bucket load. If you like, you can head in their direction for more R&R, surf sessions, and sunbathing.

All different types of Myrtle Beach rentals

It's important you guarantee yourself all the features and extras you want from a Myrtle Beach rental at the booking stage. It's the most convenient time to filter out the places that don't fit from the ones that do. And, more importantly, to zero in on the homes that come with the sparkling swimming pool or number of bedrooms you absolutely must have.

Huge Myrtle Beach vacation rentals that sleep big parties

Oversized groups of 20 or more will be pleased to find that there are whopping great big 14-bedroom vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach. Most cluster in the villa complexes of North Myrtle, touting sprawling dining areas, large grounds, game rooms, and even interior movie screens for those nights in together.

The most luxurious Myrtle Beach rental homes of all

You shouldn't have to look too far to get that taste of something special in luxury vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach. They're the mansions with shimmering private pools curved under palmettos in the yard, with direct beachfront access, and sumptuous interiors that channel a touch of the Victorian era.

Condominium Myrtle Beach rentals

The condominium is probably the single most popular type of accommodation choice on the whole of the Grand Strand, let alone in the tight-knit community of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Compact and convenient, they can be found stacked together by the sands, boasting a real mix of shared facilities, from arcade rooms to on-site gyms.

Some of the best areas of Myrtle Beach to go looking

Myrtle Beach is a big, boisterous resort that swells considerably in population when the warm weather hits and the spring break crowds come. It's also the midpoint in the fabled Grand Strand – a long arc of 60 miles of South Carolinian beaches that's laced from head to toe in vacation getaways. The pointers below should help you find somewhere in the midst of all that with a spot that's right for you…

The Boardwalk – where the action's at

Ice-cream stands meet sushi bars and burger kitchens, while the gondola cabins of the iconic SkyWheel lurch overhead, and spine-tingling haunted house attractions rub shoulders with laser arenas on the boulevard. Welcome to the throbbing heart of Myrtle Beach – the Boardwalk. It's where you're most likely to get a condo for spring break, and where the biggest array of gastronomy and nightlife exists.

The convenience of South Myrtle Beach vacation rentals

With the airport just a whisker away, white sands running to the west, and a whole array of attractions on the doorstep – think pirate cruises, whizzing waterslides in aqua parks, and the welcoming shopping precincts of Market Common – it's easy to see why South Myrtle Beach vacation rentals continue to reign as such a favorite for families.

North Myrtle Beach – refined and relaxed

Go northwards around the Grand Strand and eventually you'll enter the end of the main resort. You'll know because big condo complexes take over the shoreline, with curvy pools, swim-up bars, and regimented rows of sunbeds waiting beneath their palm groves. It's the place to come with the family or the other half, picking slick modern condos on the edge of golf courses or malls.

Booking tips for getting cheap Myrtle Beach rentals

Tickets for Ripley's Aquarium, a ride on the SkyWheel, some adrenaline-pumping fun in the Family Kingdom Amusement Park – the costs of weeks away in Myrtle Beach can add up. Cue the pointers below, which should help you set aside a dollop of extra dollars for your jaunt to the Grand Strand, all by slashing the amount you pay for that home away from home.

Save cash by ditching the ocean view

Sometimes you just have to accept that the cheapest of the cheap vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach are going to be nowhere near the waterfront. It's often true that you need to fork out oodles extra for the luxury of a balcony overlooking the beach and a bedside view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The calendar changes the cost of vacations

It's the same story on Myrtle Beach as it is in resort towns all over the US. As spring break sets in and the summer gets into full flow, you can usually expect to pay a premium for anywhere near the waves. That said, there's still only an average of six days of rain in September and October, along with temperature highs that peak over 80, meaning it's a mix of fewer people, sunbathing conditions, and attractive prices in fall.

Try other parts of the coast

Myrtle Beach refers to the buzzy town at the very center of the Grand Strand, a long, 60-mile riviera of condos, golf courses, water parks, and boardwalks. That's also 60 miles worth of stunning, sand-covered shoreline with potential vacation bargains that you're not looking at yet. Widen the search to include the likes of chilled-out Surfside and Barefoot Landing and you might be in for a pleasant surprise.