Plan your adventure with holiday homes near Lake Taupo

Created by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, Lake Taupo is a stunning lake area with many unique geological features and plenty to see and do. In addition to water sports and adventures on the lake, you’ll also find eerie geothermal valleys, spectacular Maori cultural sites and vast parks with numerous walking tracks. You’ll never run out of things to see and do near Lake Taupo, whether you want sightseeing, adventure, romance, family fun or anything in between. Discover the best attractions and activities on Lake Taupo and explore options for Lake Taupo accommodation to plan your next fun-filled holiday.

Accommodation near Lake Taupo

From well-appointed holiday homes for last-minute trips to budget-friendly baches and romantic and luxurious hotels, you’ll find it all near Lake Taupo. Discover the range of accommodation near Lake Taupo to see what you can expect.

Cheap accommodation for families near Lake Taupo

If you’re travelling on a budget, Lake Taupo has a wide range of budget accommodation to help you save on your trip. You’ll find holiday homes, baches, hotels, cabins and cottages that offer affordable options with lots of exciting amenities. Plenty of affordable family holiday homes have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, outdoor entertainment space, toys, games, water sports equipment and other helpful amenities to keep everyone comfortable and entertained. Cheap accommodation is fully self-contained as well, so you’ll be able to prepare your own meals using local ingredients for quality family time. When you save on your holiday, you can splurge with exciting outdoor tours or a nice dinner during your trip.

Luxury accommodation for couples near Lake Taupo

What better way to experience Lake Taupo on a couple’s trip than with luxury accommodation? Plenty of luxury holiday homes, hotels and resorts offer decadent amenities like beach access, on-site pools and hot tubs, fine decor and services. You can enjoy a relaxing, intimate holiday with extravagant touches like in-room spa tubs, room service and waterfront views for an unforgettable couple’s retreat. If you prefer more privacy, you’ll find luxury baches nestled in the wilderness or on the lakefront.

Last-minute accommodation for solo travellers near Lake Taupo

For spontaneous getaways, Lake Taupo has an array of last-minute accommodation. You can book excellent lodging without a lot of planning time and still enjoy high-end amenities like pools, spas and lakefront locations. Though Lake Taupo receives many travellers each year, you’ll have a lot of accommodation to choose from.

Attractions near Lake Taupo

From ethereal terrain to vast parklands and Maori cultural sites, Lake Taupo offers a range of unique attractions for a memorable experience. Whether you want sightseeing or outdoor adventure, take a look at the best attractions near Lake Taupo to plan your itinerary.

Craters of the Moon for a unique experience

Craters of the Moon is a unique geothermal valley that’s filled with craters of boiling water, spectacular geysers, steaming vents and colourful soils. The valley is a must-visit on your trip, offering some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever experience. You’ll find tracks over boardwalks to viewing platforms on the edge of the craters to see the sulphur steam and bubbling mud pits in this otherworldly place. Best of all, Craters of the Moon has a variety of tracks for different skill levels, so all ages and abilities can experience the phenomenon firsthand.

Tongariro National Park for outdoor adventure

Tongariro National Park is New Zealand’s first national park and is an adventure playground of emerald lakes, lava flows, steam craters, silica terraces, alpine gardens and other volcanic wonders. Spanning 80,000 hectares, the park is home to the Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro volcanoes that are part of the ‘Ring of Fire’. The park is a wonderful destination for outdoor adventures, with activities such as taking a walk on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing or the Round the Mountain track. You’ll find many incredible waterfalls in the park, such as Waitonga Falls and Taranaki Falls.

Mine Bay for families and couples

Mine Bay is an off-the-beaten-track destination that’s perfect for a scenic boat or kayak trip. One of the best things about visiting Mine Bay is seeing the Maori rock carvings. Crafted by an elder apprentice, the Maori carvings represent Ngatoroirangi, a famous Maori navigator who aided tribespeople into the area. You’ll also see 2 smaller Celtic designs that reflect the many cultural influences of New Zealand. Visiting Mine Bay is a great way to get a cultural tour while enjoying the adventures of Lake Taupo.