Explore the options for activities and baches in Auckland

Nestled between Manukau Harbour to the west and Waitemata Harbour to the east, Auckland is an incredible central city district in New Zealand with a diverse range of thrilling experiences. You’ll find museums, monuments, art galleries, national parks, pristine beaches and wildlife experiences, all within reach of the city. Whether you’re planning fun with the kids, a romantic escape to the beach or a sightseeing tour with cultural experiences, dining and nightlife, take a look at the best things to do on a trip to Auckland, and discover the options for baches in Auckland to make the most of your trip.

Types of baches in Auckland

Auckland is a popular travel destination that offers a range of accommodation types to suit your needs. Holiday baches are available with amenities for families with children, romantic couples and solo travellers. Find out more about the holiday baches in Auckland to plan your trip.

Family baches

Whether you have a large family or a small one, family baches in Auckland provide you with plenty of helpful amenities for a stress-free trip. Baches are available with large bedrooms, extra bathrooms, bunk beds, children’s toys, television and entertainment, backyards with playsets and practical amenities like a full kitchen and laundry facilities. With so much at home, you can save on your trip and spend more quality time with the family between beach trips and sightseeing tours. The Little O Bach is the perfect place for a family stay and offers space for 4 with a garden, a deck, toys and games for the kids and a nearby children's playground.

Romantic baches

Auckland’s beautiful scenery, pristine beaches and array of dining and nightlife experiences make it ideal for a couple’s retreat. You can find romantic baches near the beach or close to the city for a cosy space for 2. Romantic baches give you all the practical amenities you need for a relaxing trip, along with intimate extras like picturesque views, luxurious linens, private beach access, large decks and entertainment areas. With a romantic holiday bach, you can spend time reconnecting with your partner and enjoying each other’s company. A couple's bach by the water offers a pool, beach access, watersports equipment, resort amenities, a deck and more.

Luxury baches

If you want to relax in Auckland in style, you can find luxury baches all over the area that keep you pampered and comfortable. Self-contained luxury baches offer exciting amenities like gardens, waterfront views, beach access, expansive decks and fine furnishings. Luxury baches come in virtually every size as well, whether you need space for the whole family or just enough for a solo retreat.

Where to find baches in Auckland

From black-sand shorelines to cultural hubs and coastal areas with a diverse range of beaches to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options for Auckland baches. Take a look at the best places to book a bach in Auckland and see what they have to offer.

Whangaparaoa Peninsula for families

The Whangaparaoa Peninsula is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Auckland region. Family-friendly northern beaches like Stanmore Bay, Tindalls Beach and Army Bay offer soft sand and gentle waters with views of Little Barrier Island and the Hauraki Gulf, while the southern beaches of Little Manly and Matakatia on the harbour offer views of Rangitoto Island. Manly baches, Tindalls Beach baches and Matakatia baches are the perfect choice to stay near the sand and spend more time on the water with the kids.

Matakana for romantic trips

The small town of Matakana is a beautiful beach area with azure waters surrounded by lush greenery. You’ll find beautiful beaches on the coast, as well as olive groves, top-notch wineries and foodie pleasures like culinary tours and farmers markets. With Matakana baches, you’ll be close to the beach and the culture of Matakana for your trip.

Muriwai for watersports

The coastal community of Muriwai is located on the west coast and boasts a stunning black-sand beach. A popular recreation area for locals, Muriwai baches are a great choice for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. You’ll also be treated to sightings of the gannets that nest on the rocks near the beach, a great choice for a trip with kids. Muriwai has many streams and rivers that run through the coastal areas where kids can wade and you can hike and see wildlife.

Things to do in Auckland

Auckland offers a diverse range of attractions and activities that cater to thrill-seekers, nature lovers, cultural enthusiasts and families. Check out the best attractions and things to do in Auckland for a fun trip.

Waitemata Harbour for a city break

Waitemata Harbour divides the city and boasts a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. You could explore Quay Street’s attractions and visit the Princes Wharf to take a ferry to the Hauraki Gulf and islands. You’ll also find the Auckland Harbour Bridge, a spectacular bridge that’s 1 kilometre long and 43 metres high and connects central Auckland to the bay beaches to the north. The bridge has plenty of fun experiences, such as bungee jumping or taking a guided Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb.

New Zealand Maritime Museum for family-friendly cultural experiences

New Zealand has a rich seafaring culture that you can explore with a trip to the New Zealand Maritime Museum. The museum offers an abundance of artefacts and exhibits that date back to the arrival of the first Polynesians and trace the history through to modern yachts and vessels. Some of the highlights of the collection include Maori canoes, whaling artefacts and the yacht that won the America’s Cup in 1995.

One Tree Hill for outdoor adventure

One Tree Hill is an incredible volcanic cone that’s surrounded by the verdant Cornwall Park. You can take nature walks along the pathways to see mature trees and colourful flower beds. The hill also features the obelisk and gravesite of Sir John Logan Campbell, the donor of the parkland, from which you can see sweeping views of the landscape. Other highlights include a ruin site of a fortified Maori village and the Stardome Observatory & Planetarium, which features multiple telescopes to see the stars.