Top apartment rental locations from Toronto to Tokyo

No matter where you’re looking to holiday, long weekends and short stays are becoming more popular than ever. If you’ve only got a few days to devote to your romantic getaway, family trip or business excursion, this Stayz guide to short-stay holiday apartment destinations worldwide will be the perfect answer to your travel needs. From North America and Europe all the way to Japan, you’ll find luxury apartments with lots of comfort and amenities to make your stay worthwhile.

Short-stay apartments for rent in North America

In Canada, along the coasts of the United States and all over North America, there are stunning sights to see, including 2 oceans, forests, stunning desert landscapes and quaint and quirky roadside attractions. Your base point to see everything North America has to offer is a comfortable apartment. Options are available for solo business travellers, couples on honeymoon or families hopping from place to place to see the sights all across the continent. Here you’ll find apartments with 1, 2, 3 and even 4 bedrooms capable of handling any number of travellers and with amenities such as private pools, outdoor barbecues and fitness facilities.

Manhattan apartments for rent

Manhattan, a borough of New York City, is an iconic locale in the United States, famed for Broadway shows, skyscrapers, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other cultural sights. A weekend in Manhattan is a great way to enjoy a family holiday. A studio apartment that sleeps 4 offers comfortable accommodation with hardwood floors, free WiFi, cable TV and a smart work area for those who need to do a bit of business while on their trip.

Apartments for rent in Toronto

The city of Toronto is a major draw for visitors to Canada that’s well-known for its theatre scene, its arts and cultural community featuring galleries and museums like the Royal Ontario Museum and great shopping and dining opportunities. A luxury condo with 1 bedroom is excellent for a business traveller on a meeting trip, as it’s great for its proximity to a transit station and the convention centre and includes a smart TV with streaming services ready to go.

Los Angeles apartments for holiday travel

Travel across the continent to the West Coast and you’ll find Los Angeles, the city of stars, home of Hollywood and a great location for hanging 10. Whether you’re looking to see iconic movie studios or engage in killer surfing on the many gold-sand beaches, LA has it all. An apartment here with 2 bedrooms that sleeps 6 and welcomes pets is the ideal option for families looking to have the ultimate star-studded travel experience. This eco-friendly accommodation features art deco design and is just 20 minutes from Beverly Hills. A fully stocked kitchen has everything you need to self-cater.

Apartments in Europe for long weekends away

A European travel experience is something many people dream about. Short-stay apartment rentals are available across the continent and allow you to see all there is to see in no time at all. From single-room studios to multi-bedroom luxury suites, you’re sure to find the accommodation you need whether you’re relaxing in Rome or enjoying the arts, crafts and bohemian lifestyle of Amsterdam.

Romantic getaway apartments in Rome

An apartment rental in Rome gives you the opportunity to experience more than 2,700 years of history and culture in the ‘Eternal City’. Here you can visit the Vatican, the Colosseum and historic churches filled with majestic artwork and statuary or enjoy fine dining in neighbourhood trattorias. A breathtaking 1-bedroom apartment that dates to the 17th century is the perfect romantic getaway for 2 and is located just a few hundred metres from the iconic Piazza Venezia and within walking distance of all the city’s attractions. Free WiFi, TV and books are provided for entertainment and relaxation.

Bohemian weekends in Amsterdam apartments

Heading north, the charming streets and canals of Amsterdam beckon travellers looking to experience the best in bohemian living with world-class museums and an amazing cycling culture as well as its famed vibrant nightlife. Short-term visitors here will love an upscale luxury condo with 1 bedroom that’s just 5 minutes from great bars, clubs and the city’s central park. There’s no TV, but wireless internet is included. This one is for adults only who want to enjoy the city’s unparalleled party atmosphere.

Destinations in the Pacific for short stays

The islands and nations of the Pacific Ocean offer a wealth of cultural and historical experiences as well as outstanding beaches with warm sands and deep blue waters that are great for whale watching, swimming, surfing and snorkelling. Whether you’re enjoying the glitz and glam of Tokyo’s urban jungles or enjoying the surrounding lush green space and mountains, an apartment in the Pacific will give you amenities like pet-friendly accommodation, private swimming pools and beach access to enjoy the whole time you’re visiting.

Tokyo apartments for a weekend in Japan

There’s no place in the world quite like Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Its bustling streets are alight with myriad rainbow colours in the evenings and awash with activity all hours of the day. Tokyo also offers amazing dining, vivacious nightlife and pop culture that’s become a global phenomenon. A 2-floor gem of a loft apartment with ultramodern décor situates you within minutes of downtown and can sleep up to 6 people. It offers portable pocket WiFi so you’ll always be connected and also includes hot tub access.