Exciting short stay London apartments right in the action

London is one of the most famous and influential cities in the world, and it receives tens of millions of visitors every year. If you’re looking to be one of them, you’ll need to find a place to stay for the duration of your trip that allows you to relax in between your excursions into this 2,000-year-old city. Fortunately, there are numerous short stay apartments available for rent that can let you enjoy your holiday in style.

Why you need to find serviced apartments in London

When you stay at one of the serviced apartments in London, you’ll enjoy a holiday experience that offers the convenience and amenities of a hotel in an atmosphere that feels more like home. You’ll get a full kitchen, and you can choose a property with the number of bedrooms you’ll need, which is especially helpful for those travelling with family or friends. Since apartment options are so versatile, you can easily book a smaller property if you’re looking for a couple’s retreat.

Places to rent an apartment in London

London is a big city that’s packed full of history and has tons to see and do. To make the most of your holiday, you’ll need to rent an apartment in London that provides access to your top attractions whether you’re interested in the city’s modern features or more historical landmarks.

Holiday apartments in London by Tower Bridge

There are several ways to cross the River Thames in London, but no crossing is more iconic than the Tower Bridge. This 19th-century structure is one of London’s 4 world heritage sites, and the surrounding area is packed with restaurants, shops and pubs to visit when you’re done with the Tower Bridge exhibition. Holiday apartments in London in this area may offer scenic views of the Tower Bridge, allowing you to enjoy its splendour even when you’re not venturing out, and others may put you just a short walk away from the site. Top-quality apartments near the Tower Bridge will offer comfortable, cosy bedding so you can curl up and enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep.

Short stay apartments in London’s historic centre

London dates back to the first century, and most of that history is contained within the City of London, the historic centre and primary central business district of Greater London. If you’re looking for a more historic experience, there are numerous short stay apartments in London’s historical centre. In fact, many of the apartments themselves are historical, offering centuries-old styling while still equipped with all the modern amenities you and your family need. If you want a modern apartment and access to modern attractions, however, the City of London can work for that as well. Most skyscrapers and business centres are located within the Square Mile, so it effectively offers the best of both worlds.

Top picks for London apartments

As one of the most influential global cities, there’s no shortage of London apartments available for travellers to rent. Take a look at the following top picks to get an idea of what a quality London apartment is like.

Historic serviced apartment in London

If you want a taste of history on your London holiday, this historic apartment has enough room for you and 4 others. It’s located on the second floor of the old Victorian-era Bank Building that overlooks the Smithfield Market and a local park. With high ceilings and well-lit environments, even the choosiest traveller can find comfort here. The master bedroom features a queen bed, while the lounge area includes a double bed and a single bed. St Paul’s Cathedral is also just a few minutes’ walk away, as are numerous other points of interest.

Trendy, modern holiday apartment in London

For travellers looking for a more modern holiday experience, this trendy flat is well-equipped for families and couples. Located in the heart of the Fitzrovia area, some of the best restaurants and pubs in the world are located nearby. Inside the apartment, you’ll find 2 bedrooms with room to sleep 4 people. It features double-glazed windows and wood strip flooring along with generous natural light. WiFi connectivity is included, and you’ll have a fully integrated kitchen with an electric oven, dishwasher and coffee machine.