Treehouse villas in Koh Yao for an unforgettable holiday

If you’ve been thinking about going on an island adventure for your next holiday, planning a trip to Koh Yao is a great choice. Koh Yao comprises 2 large tropical islands, Ko Yao Noi and Ko Yao Yai, both of which are ideal destinations for a tropical getaway. Whichever island you decide is right for you, you’ll have your choice of quality accommodation, including treehouse villas. Staying in a treehouse villa is a one-of-a-kind experience, and whether you’re planning a family holiday or a romantic retreat with that special someone, staying in a treetop villa is an excellent choice.

What are treehouse villas?

Treehouse villas are a unique type of holiday letting in which you can enjoy a comfortable stay. While these villas are designed to look like treehouses, they provide many of the high-end features that you would expect to find in a luxury resort. For example, these villas will almost always come with premium bedding that makes it easy to get a full night of sleep, and many also come with features such as hot tubs and lap pools. While you’re staying in one of these treehouses, you’ll enjoy unforgettable creature comforts while also spending a holiday surrounded by nature.

Who will enjoy Thailand villa treehouses?

If you’re interested in a treehouse villa holiday, there’s almost no better country to visit than Thailand. You’ll find treehouse villas available in Thailand in almost every city you visit, which means you can enjoy a pleasurable holiday wherever you go.

Families with children

If you’re going on a family holiday with your children, staying in a treehouse villa is a great idea. Both children and children at heart will love being nestled among leafy treetops, as well as the activities found near these holiday lettings. For instance, after you and your kids have enjoyed a good night’s sleep in your comfortable villa bed, you can head out to one of the pristine beaches you’ll find around Manok Pier for a little fun in the sun.

Young couples

Young couples interested in a romantic holiday will have a great time staying in a treehouse villa. Many of the treehouse villas you’ll find in Thailand offer an array of features perfect for a romantic retreat, so if you’ve been looking for some quality time with that special someone, reserving a treehouse villa is your best bet. You and your paramour can enjoy a glass of champagne under the stars while soaking in an outdoor spa tub, or you can cook a delectable meal for 2 using the modern kitchens you can find in some villas. In the evening, you can cuddle up in a plush canopied king bed and rest up for the next day’s adventures.

Single travellers

Staying in a treehouse villa can also be a good decision if you’re visiting Thailand on your own. You can easily find single-bedroom villas designed for solo travellers, and from one of these quality holiday lettings, you should be able to find a world of adventure just outside of your doorstep. After you return to your villa from a day of exploring, you can relax with a glass of wine in an outdoor sitting area while listening to the sounds of nature.

Features of treehouse villas in Koh Yao Noi

Every traveller has their own idea of a perfect holiday, so when you’re booking your next trip, you want to be sure that you book accommodation that provides your perfect features. Fortunately, you can find an array of treehouse villas in the Koh Yao Noi area, all of which provide great amenities.

Premium bedding

Comfortable bedding is one thing that almost every treehouse villa has in common. Some villas will come with queen beds while others will offer kings, but wherever you stay you’ll have somewhere comfortable to sleep. To make sure you can sleep well without having to deal with insects, most beds you’ll find in treehouse villas will also come equipped with mosquito nets. Just close your net and you’ll be able to sleep peacefully all night long.

Treehouse villa spa tubs

Staying in a treehouse villa is a luxurious experience, and nothing says luxury like a spa tub. You can easily find a treehouse villa with a spa tub that will let you relieve the tension in your muscles so that you can enjoy the relaxing vacation that you deserve. Generally, spa tubs in treehouse villas are outdoors, which means you can soak in the fresh air and warm water at the same time.