Enjoy an outdoor adventure with the best Queenstown hikes

From easy day hikes to long tracks with scenic connected trails that lead into the wilderness, Queenstown has an abundance of hiking trails and walking tracks to get out into nature. Plenty of Queenstown hikes take you around beautiful lakes, such as Lake Wakatipu, and offer views of towering peaks and lush wilderness. You’ll also find easy hikes suited to any age and ability, hikes that combine scenic drives or gondola rides and more difficult hikes that give you a challenge with the reward of incredible views. Find out more about the best Queenstown hikes to prepare for your fun-filled holiday in the city.

Lake Alta for leisure

Lake Alta is a beautiful lake in the Remarkables mountain range that has spectacular alpine scenery and a scenic hiking trail. You can choose to hike or drive to the hiking trail and park in the car park near the Remarkables ski resort. Along the trail, you’ll find many connecting trails to go off and explore more of the mountain range. The views are incredible throughout the trail, and you’ll even catch stunning views on the drive.

Mount Crichton Loop Track for families

The Mount Crichton Loop Track is one of the most impressive hikes in Queenstown. If you want a combination of outdoor fun and historic wonders, the Mount Crichton Loop Track travels near old gold mining sites, including the Sam Summers hut. You’ll also see streams, waterfalls and viewing areas where you can look out to the Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu.

Ben Lomond Trail for long-distance hiking

The Ben Lomond Trail is one of the longest hiking trails in Queenstown and offers some of the best views. When you reach the summit, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Southern Alps and the surrounding region. The trail begins at Bob’s Peak, so you can hike the trail or take the gondola ride to the top to connect with the Ben Lomond Trail.

Moke Lake Loop Track for beginner hikers and children

If you want an easy trail you can fit into your sightseeing excursions, the Moke Lake Loop Track is a quiet track that travels around Moke Lake. The track is easy and comfortable, even for hikers with little experience, and takes under an hour to complete. Moke Lake is also a popular spot for sunrise and sunset watching, stargazing and watching for an aurora.

Tiki Trail Queenstown for spectacular alpine views

The Tiki Trail Queenstown begins in the city and includes spectacular wilderness views. It’s known locally as the gondola walking track, since it travels along the same hill as the gondola that goes to Bob’s Peak. When you reach the summit, you’ll see close views of the city with the Remarkables mountain range in the distance. You could also take the gondola ride to the top and take the incredible luge back down for a thrilling go-cart ride along the slope.

Bob’s Cove Trail for pop culture fun

The Bob’s Cove Trail begins at Queenstown near Bob’s Cove and travels through low bushland to reach a spectacular lookout point. When you reach the summit, you’ll see views of Lake Wakatipu and the lush forest. Another highlight of the Bob’s Cove Trail is the abundance of film locations nearby that were used in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.

Sunshine Bay Track for lake views and waterfalls

The Sunshine Bay Track offers views of Cecil Peak and Walter Peak from across the lake. During the hike, you’ll see steamships and lake cruise ships on the water before heading into the native bushland to explore the wilderness. There’s also a connecting track that leads to 2 hidden waterfalls at Two Mile Creek Falls.

Queenstown Hill Hike for scenic forest hiking

If you want a shorter hike in Queenstown, the Queenstown Hill Hike is a perfect choice. The track weaves up the Queenstown Hill through pine forest with many switchbacks, so you’ll enjoy incredible views of the city, Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables. While the hike is beautiful at any time of day, it’s especially beautiful for the sunrise and you’ll experience fewer crowds.