Tauranga is a popular coastal city in the Bay of Plenty area with a wide variety of activities and attractions to enjoy. If you're planning a holiday to this destination, creating an itinerary full of things for your family to do might be easier than you think. This is thanks to the sheer diversity of local attractions. Take a look at some of the best things to do in Tauranga with kids, and discover how this incredible city can take your holiday adventure to the next level with one-of-a-kind activities.

1. Play around at Waimarino Adventure Park

If you're looking for active kids activities in Tauranga, Waimarino Adventure Park certainly has plenty to offer. You'll find a variety of things to do including an inflatable playground and climbing walls that are especially popular with kids. This destination also features a kayak slide and a massive catapult. If your kids are 8 or older, they can also participate in the evening glow worm kayaking tour, which shows off incredible natural bioluminescence among the local fauna. No matter what you're planning to do here, be sure to bring your swimwear.

2. Relax at McLaren Falls Park

Families who want a more relaxing experience in Tauranga may want to check out McLaren Falls Park. This green space is remarkably serene, making it easy to sit back and relax, but it also has plenty of open spaces for your little ones to run around. The star of the show here is the array of waterfalls that create a misty atmosphere when you're nearby that's as refreshing as it is breathtaking. This park also features picnic areas and a cafe. You can even find an animal park here where your little ones can hand feed some farm animals and play on the playground.

3. Splash around at Mount Maunganui Beach

Mount Maunganui Beach is a popular destination for families who are looking to take advantage of Tauranga's coastal location. At this beach, you'll find soft sands and inviting waters, though that's only the case in certain parts. Be sure to read the signs around the beach to see which areas are safe for kids and which are a better fit for experienced surfers. The region around the beach is known to be a popular resort area, so you'll find plenty of facilities and amenities in the area for your convenience, along with some of the best Tauranga family resorts.

4. See the history of aviation at the Classic Flyers Museum

Whether your family is interested in history or not, the planes on display at the Classic Flyers Museum are sure to make an impression. Whether you have aspiring pilots or need family activities in Tauranga indoors away from the rain, this museum has plenty to offer. You'll find a wide variety of aircraft on display that you can get close to and examine. If you're looking to see whether you have what it takes to fly, you can hop in one of the simulator challenges that will put you at the controls of one of these incredible aircraft. Kids are free to participate in the simulator as well.

5. Check out the birds at the Katikati Bird Gardens

The Katikati Bird Gardens are home to a wide variety of birds including both native and more exotic species. You and your little ones can embark on an adventure within that will have you spotting birds like peacocks, pheasants, herons, spoonbills and shelducks. Many of the exhibits here are interactive as well, allowing you and your kids to hand feed emu and ducklings. Once you're finished touring the local population of birds, you can relax with a drink at the cafe while your kids play around on the on-site playground.

6. Test your climbing skills at Rocktopia

Kids often need to burn off energy, so if you're looking for things to do in Tauranga with kids that will keep them busy, try out Rocktopia. This fun centre is a clip-and-climb indoor climbing wall facility with a wide range of walls of varying difficulty levels. Whether your family has experience climbing or is brand new to the practice, you'll find something to enjoy here. Thanks to the clip-and-climb system, kids are free to climb independently while being perfectly safe throughout the entire experience. Plus, this is a popular attraction when the rain keeps you from enjoying the outdoors.

7. Explore the wonders of Te Puna Quarry Park

Made from a former quarry, Te Puna Quarry Park is one of the most iconic places to visit in Tauranga. You'll find several trails that stretch throughout the area among vibrant gardens and greenery. That's just the beginning, however, as this park is also home to an array of outdoor sculptures featuring giant animals and other intricate designs. Some of the plants are quite exotic as well, with certain sections containing Australian plants and others showcasing plants from South Africa. Events are frequently held here as well, so check the local calendar before visiting.