Have a spa retreat with hot pools in Auckland

When the weather starts to cool, Auckland becomes a hub of hot pools and hot springs for soaking and swimming. Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Auckland is geothermically active and receives warmed water from the depths of the earth to the surface. You’ll find both natural geothermal hot springs with minerals and man-made hot pools in Auckland with modern amenities, so you can choose the best spa experience. Ranging from natural mineral hot springs to family-friendly spas with pools and water features, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Learn all about the best hot pools in Auckland to find a relaxing spa experience.

Parakai Springs for family pool fun

Parakai Springs is one of the top hot pools in Auckland and offers an array of amenities. The family-friendly hot pools resort has a massive open-air pool with a sloped area for children, an indoor heated pool, private spa areas, adult-only areas, and multiple hydro slides. All around the pools, you’ll find grassy areas with grills for picnics.

Kaitoke Hot Springs for relaxation outdoors

Kaitoke Hot Springs is found on Great Barrier Island and one of the natural hot springs in Auckland. You can hike to the springs on a scenic track that travels through wetlands with orchids and ferns before reaching the hot pool. After bathing, you can have a family picnic in the forest to top off the experience.

Float Culture for rejuvenation

Float Culture is a unique hot pool facility that offers individual pods for soaking. Each pod has its own temperature control, a hatch, and Epsom salt to let you float and enjoy the silence in your own personal spa paradise. You could also opt for soothing music to enjoy during your soak.

Palm Springs for rainforest spa experiences

Located near Parakai, Palm Springs offers 2 huge pools, one with hot water and seating areas in the water, and another at a lower temperature. There’s also a shallow pool where you can relax and sunbathe. Another highlight of Palm Springs is the private rock pools that are nestled in the native rainforest. The water is supplied by an in-pool waterfall, giving the whole pool the feeling of a remote tropical rainforest.

Peach Tree Hot Springs for remote hot pools

Located on Aotea Great Barrier Island, Peach Tree Hot Springs is a natural hot pool that can be reached by hiking track. The hike itself is scenic and beautiful before opening up to a clearing with a bubbling hot pool surrounded by ferns. The pools were created by gum diggers and require a more rugged hike to reach, so they retain a remote setting and private atmosphere.

Kawhia Springs for pools by the beach

Kawhia Springs is a natural hot pool that’s found on a scenic beach in Waikato. After hiking to the beach through sand dunes, you’ll come to the high-tide mark where you can dig a hole for soaking. Once the tide comes in, the water is naturally heated underground for a comfortable, soothing, and free hot pool soak with stunning coastal views. Best of all, you can sunbathe and swim in the ocean with the kids after your soak.

Tepid Baths for leisure activities

Housed in a picturesque historic building in CBD, the Tepid Baths are an iconic hot pools experience in Auckland. The pools offer opportunities for leisure and competitive swimming. Both adults and children are welcome at the Tepid Baths, so you’ll find a range of modern amenities.

Opal Hot Springs for family amenities

Opal Hot Springs in Matamata offers an array of private and public pools that range in temperature. The family-friendly facility has a huge swimming pool with mild waters, a hot spa pool, and everything in between. Ideal for families, Opal Hot Springs also has amenities for children, including a fun waterslide that leads into the pool. Nearby, you’ll find a holiday park for more fun in the outdoors.

Te Arona Mineral Spas for a relaxing escape

If you want an adult escape, the Te Aroha Mineral Spas are the top choice. The spa features healing mineral water and private wooden tubs for a relaxing soak. When you visit, you’ll have a private soaking space with temperature controls and an ensuite bathroom. You could also book spa treatments at the facility, such as scrubs and massages.