Enjoy a luxurious retreat with Te Aroha hot pools

Named for the towering Mount Te Aroha, Te Aroha is a charming rural town in the Waikato region that’s known for its rejuvenating natural spas. Te Aroha is the ideal base camp for adventure in the foothills, peaks and valleys where you can hike or mountain bike and then enjoy a soothing soak in the natural springs, soda spas and hot pools. If you’re bringing the kids, Te Aroha offers hot pools with kiddie play areas and dedicated children’s pools, ensuring everyone has a great time. Whether you want romance or unique memories with the kids, find out more about the Te Aroha hot pools and discover the best accommodation options in the area.

Te Aroha hot pools

Te Aroha offers a variety of hot pools experiences for all types of travellers. You can have a full luxurious spa experience with beauty treatments and soothing soaks, family fun with kiddie pools and inflatable slides, a quick healing soak while gazing at the landscape and more. Find out more about Te Aroha hot pools.

Te Aroha Mineral Spas

Located beneath Mount Te Aroha, the Te Aroha Mineral Spas offers a decadent escape with healing hot pools that flow from the mountain. The spa offers private en-suite rooms with changing areas and ceiling skylights for a luxurious experience. You’ll have the option to adjust the temperature of your spa with both cold and hot taps for a personalised experience. After bathing, you can try one of the spa's many beauty and therapeutic treatments, including massages, body wraps, exfoliation treatments, waxing and hair tint.

Swim Zone Te Aroha

If you’re bringing the kids, Swim Zone Te Aroha is the best place to enjoy hot pools. Found at the base of the mountain, Swim Zone Te Aroha has freshwater leisure and toddler pools for the whole family, as well as an outdoor spa with natural hot pools. The facility also offers swimming lessons for all ages, water exercise classes and inflatable pool play areas to delight the kids.

Te Aroha Domain Foot Pool

Located in a lush field with trees, the Te Aroha Domain Foot Pool is a comfortable hot soda pool that’s free for all to visit. You can soak your feet after a long hike or spend time enjoying the sun while you relax at the edge of the water. Perfect for couples and families alike, the Te Aroha Domain Foot Pool gives you a touch of the healing waters of Te Aroha without a full spa experience.

Accommodation near Te Aroha hot pools

From cosy B&Bs to family-friendly lodges to charming cottages for 2, Te Aroha offers a range of accommodation options close to the hot pools. You’ll find everything you need, whether you want to give the kids their own room or enjoy some romance and privacy. Find out more about Te Aroha accommodation to see what you can expect.

Family lodges

The Te Aroha hot pools are a big draw for travellers, so you’ll find many mountain lodges near the entrance to the hot mineral pools, soda spas and bushland. Lodges come in a wide variety of options, from sprawling spaces with bedrooms and amenities for children to cosier lodges that offer privacy and comfort for couples and solo travellers. Some lodges offer exciting extras, such as themed rooms with en suite, onsite chefs for room service and self-contained units with your own kitchen and laundry facilities.

Bed and breakfasts

If you want a personalised experience in Te Aroha, bed and breakfasts are the way to go. Staying at a bed and breakfast gives you a private room, guest lounge areas and complimentary breakfast with local recipes and ingredients. You’ll also enjoy local knowledge from your hosts and organised activities and advice that help you make the most of your holiday. Bed and breakfasts are suitable for all types of travellers, whether you’re on your own or you’re bringing the whole family.

Romantic cottages

The beauty of Te Aroha and the surrounding wilderness is perfect for a romantic retreat. You’ll find romantic cottages all over the area with covered verandahs, quiet, tree-enclosed areas and stunning mountain views. Cottages are available near the hot pools, so you can spend as much time as you wish enjoying decadent spa treatments. While cottages are designed with couples in mind, you can book larger cottages with amenities and space for the whole family, including bedrooms with bunk beds and cottages with backyards to play.