Beachfront to forest country cottages to rent in Australia

The vast countryside of Australia offers a wide variety of different landscapes. Most people live on the coast, but farther inland you’ll find mountains, plains and forests that make for an enjoyable holiday location with a plethora of potential unforgettable experiences. While there are many ways to enjoy these kinds of experiences, booking a country cottage might be one of the best. This small and quaint type of accommodation is notably modest and tends to be in touch with the surrounding environments. The glamour and grandeur of a big city fade far out of sight, and you’re left with peaceful accommodation that truly lets you relax. While modest, the best cottages still come with modern amenities and all the comforts of home for a relaxing holiday.

What you can expect from cottage rentals in Australia

Booking a cottage house virtually anywhere in the Australian countryside comes with a long list of benefits. Cottage rentals tend to be isolated, so you won’t have to worry about crowds or city noise, while shops and restaurants are never too far away. The key to a quality cottage is finding the middle ground between escapism and convenience culminating in the ultimate holiday experience. Cottages may be relatively small, but there are some larger options available with multiple bedrooms suitable for holidays involving the whole family. Keep an eye out for self-catering kitchens as well so you can enjoy home-cooked meals if you don’t feel like heading to the nearest restaurant.

Booking a cottage by the sea in Seventeen Seventy

If you’re interested in a coastal holiday experience, consider the town of Seventeen Seventy. Named after the year of James Cook’s arrival, this hidden gem in Queensland offers beachfront activities suitable for the whole family. Seventeen Seventy is located on a small peninsula, and each side has a different kind of shore. With beaches on both the east and west sides of town, you can enjoy both beachfront sunrises and sunsets. You can book a cottage by the sea on the eastern side to enjoy waves perfect for surfing. The western side of the peninsula is notably calmer as it isn’t directly open to the Pacific, so children and adults looking to relax can enjoy swimming. Cottages in the area tend to be located close to the shore, so fun on the beach is just a few steps away. Some even have balconies and large windows that allow you to take in the scenic view whether you’re facing east or west.

Finding cottages for rent near Daintree Rainforest

One of the most iconic areas in Australia is the expansive 1,200-square-kilometre Daintree Rainforest. It’s the oldest continually surviving tropical rainforest in the world and is packed full of natural wonders for all kinds of travellers to enjoy. You’ll find a wide variety of bird species here along with ancient plants like the idiot fruit. By finding nearby cottages for rent, you can enjoy the rainforest at a more intimate level. Isolated cottages dot the area, so you can enjoy modern amenities in a quaint cottage while surrounded by tropical flora. To maintain the convenience you deserve, paths from cottages to nearby towns are common, so you’re never in any danger of getting too lost or cut off from the world.

Booking cottage rentals near Cradle Mountain

Off the coast of mainland Australia, you’ll find the island and state of Tasmania. This island is known for its mountains, and one of the most popular is Cradle Mountain. It’s not the tallest mountain in the region, but it may be the most exciting for many travellers. Several scenic hikes and walks are available to travellers, and Lake St Clair is nearby and part of the region’s national park. Cottage rentals here tend to take full advantage of the breathtaking natural scenery. Whether you find something on the mountain or by the lake, cottages here can make travellers feel as if the stress of typical life is worlds away.

Top picks for holiday cottages in Australia

Finding the perfect accommodation out of all the holiday cottages in Australia can take some time. It always helps to get an idea of what local cottages are like first so you know what kind of amenities to look for. Check out the top picks for cottages across the country and discover exactly what your holiday accommodation could include.

Pet-friendly cottage in Seventeen Seventy

When you book this quaint cottage in Seventeen Seventy, you can enjoy all the coastal fun this town has to offer while also bringing your furry friend along to this pet-friendly property. With 2 bedrooms that sleep a total of 4 people, this cottage can work well as a family or couples’ retreat. While this cottage is just a stone’s throw from the calm eastern shore, it’s still relatively isolated from the community at large, so you can always enjoy peace and quiet. A large balcony and access to a boat ramp are available as well if you want to take your holiday adventure out into the water.

Forest cottage house near Daintree

If you’re looking for a cottage house near Daintree Rainforest, this small 1-bedroom cottage makes for the perfect couple’s retreat. Not only is it located by the rainforest itself, but it’s also nestled next to a creek with crystal-clear water that you can hear bubbling by from the property’s living area. This same creek also provides hydroelectricity for the property, making it entirely eco-friendly. This cottage is built from timber and features 2 outside sitting spaces. There’s even a private swimming hole just a few steps away from the front door with natural spa pools.