New South Wales cottages from vineyards to valleys

A cottage accommodation in New South Wales allows you to experience the immense beauty and history of the region while returning to a quaint house with every comfort amenity. Whether you’re looking for a cottage up north near Byron Bay, south near Jarvis Bay or inland near the mountains, New South Wales is sure to have what you need. If you want a beach cottage, you could opt for a 3-bedroom with a vibrantly coloured exterior and a deck seating area that’s within walking distance to the coast. If you would prefer a wine country cottage, you might like a quaint 1-bedroom cabin-like cottage with wood floors and chickens strutting about the yard.

Hunter Valley cottages

Hunter Valley is a lovely inland town with a mixture of vast agriculture and rolling hills. Many come to Hunter Valley for its wineries and, of course, the lovely town spread throughout. To best enjoy the beauty of the countryside, you could relax at a luxury spa cottage that can sleep up to 5 and has an outdoor hot tub. A popular choice is a charming minimalist cottage that has a very modern vibe and a wraparound porch to enjoy the outdoors any time throughout the day. A couple can enjoy a vibrant garden at a 1-bedroom cottage with a fully stocked kitchen and an outdoor seating area.

Mudgee cottages

Your ideal holiday could be in the colonial town of Mudgee. Home to the historic St Mary’s Church, Mudgee has beautiful national parks and multiple wineries. While you look for Mudgee accommodation, you might be interested in a 2-bedroom cottage with a spacious floor plan and large outdoor deck to enjoy the evening breeze or a 3-bedroom cottage that is surrounded by shade trees. Located downtown, another cottage puts you close to the sights and sounds of Mudgee and gives you a very cosy, home-style interior. For couples, a secluded cottage with outdoor seating to enjoy the scenic countryside can be found, making for a perfect romantic getaway.

Kangaroo Valley cottages

If you are headed to the beautiful coastal region of Kangaroo Valley, then you don’t need to look further than a cottage to enjoy countryside that’s a short distance from the coast. Near the golf course and surrounded by lush foliage, Kangaroo Valley cottages give you the feel of a rustic cabin while letting you enjoy fully modernized amenities and a huge patio. If you want a traditional cottage with early-20th-century decor, Kangaroo Valley has a lovely 1-bedroom with a modern kitchen and artistic touches of historic aesthetics. Otherwise, you could grab a bottle of wine and enjoy a 3-bedroom cottage with a large outdoor dining area and authentic wooden bedroom furniture. If you’d like to escape to the mountains just a few kilometres north of Kangaroo Valley, you can find a lovely cottage with vaulted wooden ceilings that sits secluded on a gorgeous hillside.

Berry cottages

Berry is a popular holiday destination for its long stretch of beach as well as beautiful foothills. If you would like a secluded country cottage, you may enjoy a rustic 2-bedroom set on a hillside with foliage and farm life. A popular cottage near the centre of Berry is a raised bungalow surrounded by lush botanical life with a hammock to relax on the large second level deck.

Jervis Bay cottages

The coastal paradise of Jervis Bay is a desirable holiday destination, and you can enjoy the best of the beach and sun from a private cottage. If you would like direct beach access, a lovely 1-bedroom ‘beach shack’ is a fantastic cottage with bamboo cabinets that is totally pet-friendly. You may opt for a colourful bungalow cottage that’s also on the beach where tropical parakeets often come to feed. A larger group might enjoy a 3-bedroom cottage that has a convenient kitchen bar and a manicured garden.