Reminder to review your cancellation policy

In light of COVID-19, we want to ensure you understand your cancellation policy so you can make informed decisions regarding your travel.

Review Your Cancellation Policy: You should review your booking’s cancellation policy and take action during your cancellation window if you’d like to make a change to your reservation. Cancellation policies are set by partners upfront and are expected to be honoured. If your cancellation window has ended, you should work directly with your booking’s property owner to consider rescheduling your stay for a mutually agreed upon future date.

Adjust Your Holiday From Your Traveller Account. From your account, open your upcoming reservation to adjust or cancel your dates. If you are making changes outside the cancellation policy window, please contact the owner for refund options.

Visit our help page for FAQs and additional details on our policies and, as always, you can manage your booking through your account or contact us through the help centre