Farmhouses for rent for romance or family time well spent

Before you go on holiday, you’ll need to find holiday accommodation, and if you want one of the most unique, enjoyable trips of your life, staying in a farmhouse is an excellent idea. Farm stays will fit the needs of a variety of travellers – especially those who want convenient access to premier holiday destinations while also enjoying some peace and quiet surrounded by natural beauty. Whether you want to take your kids on holiday or you and your significant other are in need of a romantic retreat, you’ll enjoy staying in a farmhouse.

Choosing a farmhouse to rent

Like most holiday accommodation, there are several different types of available farmhouses. From luxury farmhouses with modern amenities to affordable farmhouses ideal for budget travellers, you can find a farm stay that meets your precise wants and needs for your holiday.

Cheap farmhouses for rent

If you want to go on holiday but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can stay in one of the many available affordable farmhouses. Even if you’re travelling to a popular holiday spot, you should be able to find a cheap farmhouse that fits into your budget. While these properties cost less than other holiday lettings, they still offer quality accommodation and provide a number of enjoyable amenities, from scenic country views to comfortable bedrooms where you can rest up before a day of adventuring.

Luxury farmhouses

Just because you want a luxury holiday, it doesn’t mean that you’re limited to staying in a 5-star hotel. Luxury farmhouses, for example, are widely available and feature the top-notch amenities of which you’ve been dreaming. If soaking in a spa tub is your idea of luxury, you can easily find a farmhouse that includes a spa. Many luxury farmhouses also feature outdoor swimming pools so that you can cool off on hot days and kitchens that are fully equipped with modern appliances so that you can cook a country breakfast every day you’re on holiday.

Family farmhouse

Staying in a farmhouse is one of the best decisions you can make if you’re planning a family vacation. Many farmhouses you find are very large and offer multiple bedrooms so that your entire family can enjoy a comfortable holiday. In addition to providing numerous bedrooms, family farmhouses may also offer large living areas and rec rooms so that you can have some quality time with your kids. Best of all, farmhouses usually provide wide green lawns, which means your kids can safely run and play whenever they want.

Best farmhouses for your holiday

If you want the best holiday, you need to find the best farmhouses. Luckily, whatever your idea of a dream holiday, there should be a farmhouse available that will fit you like a glove. Here are some of the most enticing farm stays that you should keep in mind when you’re planning your next trip.

Rural farmhouse

Travellers interested in a holiday in South Australia will find their perfect accommodation in this spacious farmhouse nestled in the heart of Barossa Valley. When you stay in this farmhouse that’s located on a sprawling 40-acre retreat, you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of country living while also having access to a variety of irresistible amenities. The open living plan makes this farmhouse ideal for a family vacation, and in the evening, your entire clan can gather around a roaring fire. A fully-equipped kitchen will allow you to cook a family meal if the mood strikes, and after dinner, you can head outdoors to take a barefoot stroll through lush green fields.

Animal farmhouse

If you want a holiday where you can experience authentic country living, staying in this thoroughbred farmstead in Queensland is your best bet. Surrounded by 55 verdant acres, this farmhouse will help you get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in nature. On the property, you’ll see majestic horses trotting around their pen, as well as other farm animals, such as chickens. The farmhouse itself features a number of enticing amenities, including a verandah where you can sit and enjoy the fresh farm air and a bathroom with a clawfoot tub.

Lavish farmhouse

The Wollemi Retreat in New South Wales is the perfect farmhouse for travellers looking for the most comfortable holiday possible. The house is completely self-sustaining, making it a good choice for eco travellers, and it offers a number of creature comforts that you’ll love. In the middle of the house, you’ll find a double-sided fireplace that will help you stay warm, and on the spacious wooden deck is found a luxurious spa tub. The 3 bedrooms can sleep up to 6 people, and the farmhouse offers convenient access to Wollemi National Park.