Escape the mundane at a farm stay in Victoria

A farm stay in Victoria is a great choice for a holiday retreat away from inner-city pressure or the mundane day-to-day routine. You have the chance to stay at a 2-bedroom farmhouse with upgraded amenities, fresh citrus fruit and a brick path that winds through the beautifully landscaped yard. Cottage farm stays are popular for their country charm with simple accommodations that are ideal for a romantic retreat. You can find a farmhouse with rolling horse pastures or a contemporary stay with vibrant interior colours and huge windows for enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.

Farms for rent in Victoria

Farms for rent in Victoria make for wonderful holidays, as you can rejuvenate in a secluded country farmhouse with the elegance of simple amenities or a fully modernized farm cottage with a private pool. Farm stays make for great holidays if you have children, as most have farm animals or wildlife to see and enjoy. You can even have a beach holiday with scenic coastal views from your private 2-bedroom farmhouse.

Luxurious farm stays in Victoria

A holiday at a farm stay in Victoria doesn’t have to mean rough-and-tumble conditions. Victoria offers many modern and luxurious farm stays while maintaining the charm of a country farmhouse. You can enjoy a 1-bedroom farmhouse with a fully contemporary kitchen, bathroom and living space, along with exercise equipment and illuminated hot tub. Equally impressive is a 2-bedroom farm stay with a bathroom hot tub and stone paved garden paths to experience a leisurely stroll. An unassuming 4-bedroom farmhouse on 8 hectares south of Mornington contains a fully modernized kitchen, scenic bathroom views from an indoor hot tub and luxurious recliners in the great room.

Farm stay in Melbourne

Rustic farm stays can make for the perfect holiday not far from Melbourne Central. Melbourne farm stays are ideal because you get the best of the countryside and the coastal experience. Your new favourite may be a 1-bedroom farmhouse with a herd of goats frolicking in the front yard, or a 2-bedroom cottage with the authentic atmosphere of llamas, cows, ducks and Cape Barren geese. Rustic doesn’t mean it’s not accommodating as a typical Melbourne farm stay has a full kitchen, updated bath amenities and comfortable seating areas. A more modern approach to a Melbourne farmhouse has kitchen bar stools for morning dining, a large great room with a brick fireplace and a perfectly manicured garden.

Melbourne farm stays in Victoria that are pet friendly

With a pet-friendly farm stay in Victoria, your furry friends are not just tolerated but encouraged. The beauty of most farm stays is that animal life is second nature to the hosts and the type of property. You could choose a 2-bedroom farmhouse in the Pyrenees northwest of Melbourne that welcomes your pet family members, where you could also see chickens, cows, horses and sheep. One pet-friendly barn-themed farmhouse can accommodate up to 17 guests on a sprawling ranch. If you want a pet-friendly farm stay or cottage near Melbourne, you can find a 4-bedroom farmhouse with a fully modern kitchen and bath amenities. If you would like a farm stay on the rolling hills of the southern tip of Victoria with grassy hillsides for your pets to run, Victoria has one for you.

Retreat to a Yarra Valley farm stay

Not far east of Melbourne is the lovely Yarra Valley. If you desire to escape to the beautiful countryside, a farm stay makes for an ideal holiday. You can find a 4-bedroom farmhouse with an open floor plan, large kitchen and incredible views of a nearby pond and eucalyptus trees. A unique, modern looking farmhouse with skylights and large windows is also a popular farm stay. If a rejuvenating stroll through landscaped gardens and strawberry fields sounds like an appealing holiday, you can find a 3-bedroom farm stay that suits you perfectly in Yarra Valley.