Get away from the norm at a farm stay in Australia

When you live and work in a city like Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne or Perth, you might want to get away from urban life occasionally. While those urban centres are packed with attractions, you may crave an entirely different experience from your norm. Rather than stay in the hustle and bustle of a city, a farm can offer a calm and peaceful experience, which is especially useful for travellers looking to relax and let their problems fade away. Plus, animal lovers will enjoy interacting with 4-legged friends while on the farm.

What to look for in Australian farm stays

Farm stays in Australia can provide a satisfying holiday experience that’s more luxurious than you might imagine, provided you opt for a quality accommodation. Farm stays actually feature high-end luxury amenities such as a self-catering kitchen, WiFi and quality linens. They also come in various sizes, from small, couple’s retreats to large houses suitable for entire families. The best farm accommodation for your needs largely depends on the region in which you want to stay and how many people are coming with you on holiday.

Finding a farm stay accommodation in Table Cape

If you’re willing to venture to the island of Tasmania, you’ll find a supreme location for a farm stay accommodation in Table Cape. The area surrounding this volcanic plug features lands filled with fertile basalt soils and seas of flowering tulips. In fact, tulips are so prominent that a tulip festival is held every year. When you book a farm stay accommodation on this plateau, you’ll have access to nature paths and several beaches, as Table Cape is located on the northern coast. Thanks to the plateau’s height, farms in the area tend to have large windows, so you can appreciate the stunning views of the water and expansive farmland.

Booking a farm accommodation in Ebenezer

Along the banks of the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales, you’ll find the historic town of Ebenezer, one of the oldest in the country. This town is remarkably quiet and packed full of historical buildings, such as the famous Ebenezer Church. Ebenezer’s city plan stretches along local roads rather than around a city centre. Because of how decentralised it is, farmland is fairly common here, so finding farm accommodation is fairly easy. Not only do farm stays in the area put you closer to the surrounding fields, forests and rivers, but they’re still close enough to town to provide convenient access to shops and restaurants.

Finding a farm stay in Uleybury

By venturing down to South Australia around the Adelaide area, you’ll find the rural community of Uleybury, just 41 km or so from the city proper. This community is primarily agrarian, so farms are largely the main feature. Uleybury is the perfect destination for travellers looking to get away from dense city centres. The fact that Uleybury is home to numerous horse training facilities only makes the experience more exciting. In fact, many farm stays in the area are on equestrian farms, so horseback riding could be a central part of your holiday experience.

Top picks for Australian farm stays

Australia is home to several rural communities and open spaces perfect for farm stays. They’re popular across the country from Western Australia to Tasmania, so it might be best to get an idea of what they’re like before booking one for yourself. Take a look at the top picks for farm stays in Australia.

Rustic barn farm stay at Table Cape

For travellers looking for a coastal farm stay experience, this rustic barn may be the ideal location. It’s settled right next to Boat Harbour Beach, yet still offers expanses of dry land to explore. Much of it is populated by cows that many travellers, especially kids, will love. There’s just a single bedroom, but with a queen bed and a sofa bed, it can sleep up to 4 comfortably, so a family could book this property. The view from the plateau is phenomenal, and you can enjoy it at any time, thanks to the huge windows and glass doors of the farmhouse.

Equestrian farm accommodation in Uleybury

When you book a stay at a farm accommodation anywhere in the country, you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and the aroma of flowers and trees permeating the air. If you prefer the smell of leather and hay, this equestrian farm may be perfect for your next holiday. This 1-bedroom farmhouse sleeps just 2, but the farm is also home to several horses. Horse riding lessons and trails are available, of course, and you can even bring your own horse if you’re already involved in equestrian activities. There’s a kitchenette inside as well as a barbie in the back if you want to cook outdoors.