Maleny cottages that whet your appetite for life

Located in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Maleny remains a top destination for those who want some quiet time and to relax in a place of serenity. Maleny is well-known for its rolling hills and scenic nature reserves. Most holiday rentals are within a short driving distance from the local attractions, and you can admire the colourful flowers at Maleny Botanic Gardens or kayak at Baroon Pocket Dam. Whether you want to escape from hectic everyday life, enjoy a romantic holiday or take in nature’s beauty, you’ll find the right cottage for you.

Variety in Maleny cottages

You have a variety of cottages to choose from, depending on where you stay in Maleny. Couples might want to stay in a cosy one-bedroom cottage at Glass House Mountains and enjoy the panoramic view. If your family likes water activities, you can book a lakeside holiday home near Baroon Pocket Dam or a place close to Obi Obi Creek. You might experience soothing massages, hot tubs and wine or champagne with cheese to brighten your day when you stay at any Maleny luxury cottage. The town has numerous affordable holiday rentals for those visitors with a modest budget.

Queensland cottages to enjoy

While Melany makes an excellent choice for your holiday, you should also consider other regions to book your accommodation. Queensland has many attractive towns for you to explore. The picturesque landscapes vary from beaches with clear blue waters to rainforests with lush greenery. You can choose from a wide range of holiday homes to rent, from quaint country-style homes to large high-end cottages with luxurious furniture. Whether you’re looking for a fun family holiday at the beach or a quiet place to retreat, you’ll find the appropriate accommodation for your needs.

Byron Bay cottages

Byron Bay is distinguished by its proximity to both beaches and rainforests. You can rent a studio cottage near the rainforest and watch birds, wallabies and other wildlife from the outdoor deck. Couples can enjoy a cosy one-bedroom cottage, where they can lie on a hammock and take in the garden in the back. Beach accommodation is also very popular, as it often has a front deck or veranda where you can watch the sunrise while you drink your coffee. For another glorious view, you can also rent a cottage close to the historic Cape Byron lighthouse and see its beacon shining at night.

Stanthorpe cottages

Travellers are drawn to the charming countryside town of Stanthorpe. If you like to fish during your holiday, consider booking a cottage near Quart Pot Creek. Several holiday rentals are an easy drive to the wineries, where you can savour a glass of premium wine. Your family can rent a two or three-bedroom cottage that is near to farms where your children can feed the animals. While they’re located in a rural area, Stanthorpe accommodation cottages come with modern amenities like a fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator and microwave oven and a living room with a TV and a DVD player.

Montville cottages

Montville attracts visitors with its unique antique shops and art galleries, along with parks for family and friends to enjoy. Those who prefer privacy can rent a one-bedroom cottage in the secluded bushland or the Blackall Range. This accommodation often has a rustic appearance, with wooden floors and furniture. You’ll find cottages close to Kondalilla National Park, where you can appreciate the towering waterfalls.

Sunshine Coast cottages

The Sunshine Coast is a popular destination due to its white sand beaches, although it also includes the Hinterlands with its rugged terrain. Many beachfront cottages are a short walk to the shore and have an outdoor dining area with a barbie, so you can enjoy a barbecue lunch as the ocean breeze keeps you cool. Couples might look into a comfortable one-bedroom cottage in the Hinterlands with a veranda that provides a beautiful view of Pinbarren Mountain and a fireplace to keep warm at night.

Toowoomba cottages

Situated in southern Queensland, Toowoomba is well-known for its public gardens and parks. Many cottages have their own front garden that immediately draws guests in. If you want to mountain bike, check out the cottages close to Jubilee Park, a popular destination for bikers and bushwalkers. Families can stay at 3- or 4-bedroom pet-friendly accommodation with a pool that is close to playgrounds that children will love.