A private Bali villa offers culture, adventure and wonder

If there’s one thing you can say about a Balinese holiday, it’s that you’ll never want for something to do. The country is full of unforgettable points of interest. The Uluwatu Temple offers cliffside views and a place of deep spirituality. With private tours, you can explore the rainforests and mountains, beaches with soft sands and deep blue waters, art museums, outstanding shopping and fine dining. All of it is available when you book travel in a private villa that gives you full luxury accommodation for your stay, with swimming pools, outdoor gardens, open air floor plans and more.

Private villas in Bali offer an unforgettable holiday

Your options for a private villa in Bali are nearly endless, with over 4,000 rental properties from which to choose. Singles will find 1-bedroom accommodation which offers all the space you need to get some work done on a business trip. Couples will enjoy beachfront villas that allow you to take romantic sunset strolls. Families can find 2- and 3- bedroom accommodation near museums and waterparks. Large groups can even find villas capable of supporting 10 or more people, so your reunion will have a touch of the exotic in paradise.

Try Bali villas in Buleleng Regency

Buleleng Regency is located in the north of Bali and is known for its production of pearls. It’s also home to many attractions and points of interest, including an expansive national park, fine dining and important spiritual sites. Those who book a private Bali villa in Buleleng Regency are sure to find something to excite and thrill them. Self-contained villas will provide for all your needs, so you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet after a day of sightseeing at places like Banjar or the Bali Barat National Park.

Private Bali villas near Banjar

Banjar is a large subdivision of Buleleng Regency and is the home of one of the largest and most important Buddhist monasteries in Bali, Brahma Vihara Arama, as well as the Banjar Hot Springs. If you’re looking for breathtaking landscapes, mountain views and iconic rice paddies, this is the place to see them. Private villas here can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 10 people and offer amenities like private gardens, swimming pools and hillside views as well as full kitchens, internet and TV. They’re an ideal option for groups of any size and for trips that vary from a long weekend to a few weeks away.

Private villas in Bali near Bali Barat National Park

Bali Barat National Park is a mountainous national park in Bali’s northwest region that’s covered with forests – monsoon, mangrove and even rainforest. The lowlands have sprawling savanna and sea grass with sandy beaches and coral reefs that are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Park guides can be found to help you explore this protected area’s hiking trails and discover mountain views. A villa with 4 bedrooms here can sleep up to 11 people and puts you directly on the beachfront along the bay, with a secluded garden covering 3,000 square metres of space, a lounge, 2 verandas and luxury amenities.

South Bali holidays with private villas in Bali

The southern area of Bali offers cities like Ubud and Denpasar. Denpasar is the capital and primary cultural, political and social hub of Bali. These two cities run the gamut from laid-back beaches to inspirational temples dating to the 10th century and earlier. The region is also home to the Bali Museum and intriguing attractions like Bali Bird Park and Bali Art Centre. Your dream Balinese holiday to the south of the island begins when you book a private villa in Bali near your favourite attractions. You can find villas with features like serene garden paths, gazebos and breathtaking outdoor living spaces.

Visit the Bali Bird Park from your private villa

The Bali Bird Park covers an area of 2,000 square metres and houses over 1,000 birds representing over 250 species of Indonesian birds, as well as those from Africa and South America, all in cultivated natural habitats. The ultimate romantic getaway just 12 km from the park offers vegan accommodation with shared kitchen, access to a pool and yoga studio and Japanese tatami-inspired living space. Outdoors there’s a covered pagoda with full Internet access that’s ideal for meditation, a midday nap or even working outside, and it’s all just minutes from shops, galleries and restaurants.

See iconic art at the Bali Art Centre from a private villa

The Bali Art Centre is located in northern Denpasar City and is a vast complex with an amphitheatre and performance venues built using traditional Balinese architecture. Traditional dance and live cultural entertainment are held there all year long. Every year, an art parade travels 2 km through the city to the Centre. A private 2-bedroom villa puts you just a few blocks away from the Art Centre as well as minutes away from the nearby coastline. Not only can you enjoy the villa’s immaculate and colourful gardens, but you can also enjoy a massage right in the villa.